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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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Quickly I went out and knelt down before him in tears.

Pastor please, I don’t want to leave this house.

I have suffered too much and I need no father apart from you. Please allow me to stay here and tab into your blessings.

I want you to teach me your ways. I want to be Godly. I pleaded in tears.

Meshac, I can’t stay in this house with you. I don’t need distractions. I need peace to be closer to my God.

Whatever you need in a father, my deacon will do it for you, and I promise to visit you from time to time. He responded.

No Pastor, I find peace in this house. I promise to be silent like air to avoid distractions. I promise to be the son or brother you’ve never had. I pleaded in tears still.

Meshac please get up. For the first time, someone has broken my principle.

Anyway, I will pray over your request and give you a feedback tomorrow. He responded and walked into his room.

I stayed up throughout the night praying to God.
Lord Jesus, please touch Pastor Otu’s heart to accept me here. I am tired of sinning. I am tired of thinking evil. God, I want to worship you. Please help me to worship you. I prayed.
The next day, Pastor Otu gave me a response from God and it was positive.

Meshac, you will stay in this house, but you first of all have to accept Christ as your personal Savior. He stated.
I am ever ready Pastor. I responded happily.
We both prayed and a new air began blowing around my life. I felt safe and sound.
I began following Pastor Otu to evangelism.

We went to radio stations and walked through public places to preach the word of God.
I was totally transformed. What I did at my lonely times was to read the Bible.

Days passed into month, months into a year and Pastor Otu bought me a phone.

I then called my village communication center and requested to talk to Esi.

Yes, I am a born again, but I will marry someday.

What I will not do is to fornicate with any woman, but in case I am ripped for marriage, it is Esi that I will marry.

She is the only Godly lady I have known. The only person I love, and will ever love. I thought.
Esi was called to the center and I called back to talk to her.

Hello Esi, this is Meshac.

Meshac! Where have you been? Why did you abandon me after all the sacrifices I made for you?

Meshac, don’t tell me you are married. Please don’t tell me that. She sadly answered at the other side of the phone.

No Esi, I am not married.

The only person I will love to marry is you. I responded.

That is unfortunate Meshac. My uncle has arranged a marriage for me next week.
Since I was not hearing from you, I accepted to marry the person.

Instantly, the phone fell from my hand.

I quickly gathered courage to pick it up.

Esi please don’t do this to me. I am sorry for taking so long in getting back to you.

Esi, I came into this city to work for our destiny. Currently, I am a man of God. I do the work of God. I am almost a Pastor. Please don’t jilt me for another man. I pleaded in tears.

Meshac, what else can I do? My uncle has threatened to throw my siblings and I out of the house if I refuse to marry the person. I have nowhere else to go. She responded in tears too.
Esi, please give me few hours, I will talk to my

spiritual pastor and get back to you.
I can’t afford to loose you to another man. I responded and hanged up.
I knocked at Pastor Otu’s door and he ushered me in.

Meshac, why are you sweating like this? What is wrong? He asked.

Daddy, someone is about to marry the woman after my heart. Please help me. I answered in tears.

Calm down and talk to me. He responded.
I narrated everything to him in tears.
Meshac, you are young, and you must get a life.
I want to enroll you into the university and here you are talking about a woman.

Now tell me, do you want to marry, or go to school? He asked.

Instantly I became confused.

School is the reason why I engaged in all the atrocious acts. Now, it is staring me in the face.
Should I forget Esi and choose school, or I should choose Esi over school? I thought.
Meshac, I am waiting for a response. Pastor Otu cut in.

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