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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Meshac, I am waiting for a response. Pastor Otu cut in.

Eeerrrmm daddy, I choose Esi. I responded.
You choose Esi over school? Something you’ve ever wanted? Meshac, are you sure about this?

How do you feed her now that you are jobless? Pastor Otu asked.
Pastor, Esi is one in a million. I don’t think I will ever get any woman like her.
School can wait, but my love for Esi cannot. I need her to make me whole. She is the only woman who can help me serve God. I responded confidently.

You’ve spoken well Meshac. I actually wanted to test how deep you love this lady. And indeed, you’ve proven beyond every doubt.

I have taken you as my brother, for it is written in Luke 8:20-21 that “Some people told him your mother and your brother stand outside desiring to see you, but he answered them, my mother and my brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.[b]” Meshac, you are my brother for accepting to be Christlike.
I am ready to assist you in every way I can.
The best I can do for you is to bring the lady into this city. Get her a job whiles I cater for you in the university.

After the University, we will find you a befitting job that can enable you marry this woman of your dream. Pastor Otu assured.

Instantly I fell on my knees.

Thank you so much Pastor. You are indeed God sent. I am more than happy to hear these words from you, but please, I rather want to work as a pastor. I seriously want to do the work of God. I responded.

That is no problem at all Meshac. After the university, I will enroll you in a pastoral school for six months and make you one of my pastors in one of the church branches. Pastor Otu responded.

I couldn’t just hide my happiness. So indeed, there was sweetness in Christ, and I wasted so much time, serving the devil in between the thighs of cheap women. I thought.

Pastor please when should I invite Esi and her siblings over? I asked.

You can call them on Friday. I have a spare room for visitors somewhere. I will give her the key to occupy the place. But Meshac, I want you to make a promise to God, never to sleep with her till marriage. Pastor Otu cautioned.

I will do no such thing Pastor. If sin is the only thing that can distance me from my God, why would I go near it?
To avoid doubts, I want her to come along with her siblings. I suggested.
I have no problem whoever she comes with. My only plea I have for the two of you is to be Godly till the time is ripe. He responded.
I happily went back to my room to call Esi.
Hello Esi, I have secured a place for you and your siblings. Please come on Friday. I stated happily.

Meshac, the program is on Saturday, and you want me to come on Friday? Do you think it is safe? Won’t it be too late? She asked.
Esi, please do everything possible to avoid this marriage. I am begging you in God’s name. I pleaded.

I will see what I can do, but in the mean time, let me get back to the house. My supposed husband and his family members have come visiting. Esi responded and hanged up.

God, I never knew how much I loved Esi till now. Please touch her heart to flee from this arranged marriage. I prayed.

Days passed, and soon, it was Friday. I called the communication center and I was told Esi and her uncles were locked up in a family meeting.

Hello bro Meshac, Esi is getting married tomorrow oooo, so her uncle and some other family members have engaged her in a family meeting.

They didn’t even allow me talk to her. The owner of the center narrated.
I burst into uncontrollable tears.

My brother, please help me talk to Esi. She can’t leave me for another man. Please help me. I pleaded.

Brother Meshac, I guess it is too late. From the way they are cooking variety of foods in the house, I think Esi has already agreed to be a wife.

His words cut so deep into my throat and I couldn’t swallow a common saliva.
I must do something, and I must do it now! I thought in an excruciating pain.

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