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Crush to crash  - Season 2 - Episode 1
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My heart began to fail. God please, rescue my Esi from those lustful eyes of this man. I thought unhappily.

Esi and her siblings were immediately employed, and we drove back home.
Days passed, and everything was smoothly moving.

Esi and her siblings were working whiles I continued my work of God with Pastor Otu.
A year later, pastor Otu secured admission for me in a renowned university. He booked an expensive hostel for me, where I was the only person occupying the room.

I was tagged among the rich guys on campus.
I blended school with the work of God.
I preached the word of God to my colleagues in school.

People still didn’t understand why a rich guy like me would stress himself up with the work of God.

This is unbelievable. He is handsome, and from a rich home, yet, he is so religious. I overheard two friends gossiping.

You can say that again my brother. I learnt he is the junior brother of the renowned pastor Otu. The other person responded.

No wonder he is humble and God fearing. His character traits are exactly like his brother. The first guy responded.

Well, it is good he is so religious. He is too handsome, he would have snatched all our girl friends if not for God who has touched his heart to worship him. They both laughed over it as they walked pass me.

Young beautiful ladies got closer to me, but I strongly stood on my grounds.

One afternoon after lectures, my b---m friend, Frimpong, approached me on an issue.

Meshac, there is something I want to talk to you about. He said.

I’m all ears bro. I responded.

Meshac, there is this lady I have fallen in love for, and since we are in level 300 and will soon be out of school, I have made up my mind to marry her.

Meshac, the problem is that, she is a little bit into men. Frimpong narrated.

I don’t really get you Frimpong. A little bit into men how? I asked.

I mean, she has been sleeping with other men. I don’t actually know what she wants. I have talked to her several times, but to no avail. I want you to preach the word of God to her to help change her mind. He answered.

Frimpong, tell me, have you been sleeping with her? I asked.

Not so often Meshac. He answered.

That doesn’t change the fact that you are fornicating.

My Bible frowns at that. Tell me, is there any essence of going to a shop to buy what someone has already given to you as a gift?
You want to complete school, get a job and marry this lady in question.

You are marrying her to make you whole, to warm your bed, satisfy your heart, fill your stomach and fulfill the purpose of your life. Yet, she has started performing part of those duties by agreeing to have s-x with you. What then is the essence of marrying her? I preached.

My brother, if you want God to make that woman your wife, then I suggest you stay away from sinning with her.

If she sleeps with you, why can’t she sleep with other men? There is actually no difference between you and those men.

Let her see speciality in you. Specialize in righteousness. That way, she will choose you above other men. I added.

Meshac, thanks for these words of wisdom. I have heeded to them right from this minute. I will later introduce her to you. He responded happily.

Days later, I was in the hostel taking a nap when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Wake up Meshac, I am here with a visitor. It was Frimpong.

I quickly woke up and welcomed the visitor.
Mesh, meet my fiance, Ruth. Ruth, this is my friend, Meshac. He will soon be a pastor. He introduced.

Pastor Meshac, I have heard a lot about you. I have been wanting to meet you. I hope you will share with me your anointing? She asked playfully.

Most definitely my sister. The anointing is for all of us. I responded back happily.

We conversed for a while and they asked permission to leave.

Less I forget Mesh, I will be going home this weekend for my grandmother’s funeral. I will be here God willing Monday. If anything, please cover me up. Frimpong stated and they went away.

Early Saturday morning, I gathered my dirty clothing and sent it to the campus laundry since I had a meeting with the members of the Christian fellowship on campus.

Later in the evening, I went to the laundry to pick my washed clothing.

I’m sorry sir, but someone came for them. She responded.

Someone, came for my clothes? How? Why? I asked in shock.

The person actually came with the booking card we gave you, that is why we gave it to her. He responded.

Her? Who is her? I asked.

The person who came for the clothes.

This is unbelievable. Who could this be? I thought worriedly as I headed back to the hostel.

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