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Crush to crash  - Season 2 - Episode 6
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Thank you Meshac. Leave this house this minute before I do something nasty! He instructed.

I walked into the room and picked up my bags.
Mrs Asum, our paths will definitely cross again. Your evil deeds, will someday catch up with you. I threatened.

Mrs Asum? Who is Mrs Asum? Meshac, it is unfortunate you are mistakening me for someone.

I guess you’ve ever dated someone by that name who resembles me, that is why you are lusting after me. Mrs Asum pretended.
I believe so too Mama. Yaw acted.

I stared them in the face and walked towards the gate.

Open the door for him Yaw! Pastor Otu instructed.

And hey Meshac don’t forget to tell your fiancee and her siblings to move out of my room by the close of tomorrow. He added angrily.

Yaw, I am going back to the world because of you. You stole a soul from the kingdom of heaven, and God by now, is angry with you. I swear, you will soon face judgment. I threatened when I got to the gate.

Whatever Meshac! My job first, and nothing else. Walk out or I push you. He responded harshly.

I stepped out of the gate in tears.

God! Where do I go from here? Why did you allow me to go through all these temptations? God why? I wailed in pain.

I picked a taxi and went to Esi’s place.
Unfortunately, they had vacated the room when I got there.

I asked the neighbors and I was told they moved out few days back.

I called her several times, but she refused to answer.

I then bought a new sim card and called her and she immediately answered.

Esi, please where are you? I asked.

Meshac, have you forgotten that, courtesy demands that, the first thing you ought to do after someone answers your call is to greet? She threw my words back at me.

Esi, I know my words have hurt you deeply, please forgive me.

I talked to you that way, because, I was facing problems in school. Esi, I am so sorry, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I pleaded.

Meshac, I forgave you that very day, but I think it’s time to move on.

My siblings and I have moved out of Pastor Otu’s room. Thank God, we have saved enough money to rent a place of our own. Since we are cursed, we don’t want to have anything doing with you. She responded confidently.

Esi please don’t do this to me. If you leave me, I will commit suicide. Please help me. I pleaded.

I pleaded for some minutes before she showed me where they were.

I hurriedly went there with my bags.
Wait a minute Meshac, why are you here with your bags? I hope you’ve not found yourself in a fresh trouble? Aba asked unhappily.

I took my time and explained everything that happened in Pastor Otu’s house to them.
I don’t trust you Meshac! Because you have ever had something doing with Mrs Asum, I believe you tried seducing her again after many years of separation. Aba yelled.
Aba please tone down. As you can see, he is in trouble. This is not the time to rain harsh words on him. Esi intervened.

What has come over you Esi? Few days ago, Meshac gave you the insults of your life and here you are defending him. Aba responded angrily.

Meshac, get this straight! My siblings and I are not cursed! You rather are!

Look at how back and forth your life keeps going? Wherever you go, you find yourself in trouble. Even in the house of God, problems are chasing you.

God himself has rejected you. You are cursed Meshac! You are a bunch of bad luck! Aba insulted on top of her voice.

Aba I am sorry. Please forgive me. I am deeply sorry. I burst into tears.

Esi apologized on my behalf till Aba was calm. Their kid sister Kukua looked on unperturbed.
They all agreed to stay with me after several hours of plea.

The next morning, Esi faked sickness and refused to go to work because of me.

After her siblings had gone to work, she engaged me in a conversation.

Meshac, now that pastor Otu has ejected you from his home, how do you pay your fees? Or you are done with school? She inquired.

Esi, I am as confused as you are. I have a full year to complete school, and I have no idea, how I will pay my fees. I responded.

Esi, I was thinking you’ve saved something that can help me pay the rest of the fees. I added.

No Meshac, the money I have with me is too small. It might be able to pay for only one semester. She responded.

Minutes later, I heard the sound of a car driving into the compound.

Meshac, please, hide behind the chair. Esi hurriedly instructed.

Hide? Esi why? I asked.

Meshac just hide! If you still want to stay in this room, then hide! She instructed almost in anger.

I quickly and sadly hid behind the chair and Esi covered me with a cloth.

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