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Crush to crash  - Season 2 - Episode 8
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I hurriedly came out from my hideout in anger.
Esi, what in God’s name is wrong with you? Why are you so cheap? I asked angrily.
Meshac what is that supposed to mean? Why the insults? She unhappily asked.

Esi, why did you allow the man to delay ejaculation? I yelled.

Meshac, how was I supposed to control his ejaculation? Am I a magician?

The man probably took an aphrodisiac before coming, and I had no option than to allow him finish. She responded.

Esi, where in Ghana will someone get one hour round of s-x for a mere 100cedis?

Where? Instead of charging something meaningful, you rather charged him this peanut to prolong the contract. I complained angrily.

Meshac, I smell jealousy, but listen to me, you can’t eat your cake and have it. You can’t. She yelled at me.

If you think your heart is not strong for this nonsense, then I suggest we terminate it. She added.

Instantly, I toned down.

Esi, I am so sorry for failing to reason with you, but please understand me. It is not that easy, watching another man on top of your woman. I sadly stated.

I know Meshac, that was why I didn’t want to do this. I am sacrificing too much for this relationship and I don’t like it. She responded.
I know Esi, but please, just bear with me. Very soon, all these will be over, but please, try and increase your price to 300cedis per round. I convinced.

Days passed, and Esi continued her s-x contract with the old man.

She gathered enough money for my fees and feeding.

I packed my things and went back to school.

Even though I had backslid, I still faked a godly attitude.

My fake behavior attracted one of my female lecturers towards me during my last semester on campus.

Meshac, since your enrollment in this school, I have observed you and realized how decent you are.

I want to take you as my second son since I have only one, and a daughter. She proposed.
Madam, I am so much humbled by your request. I am not only for my parents, but anyone who needs me. I responded.

That is witty. Anyway Meshac, my son is going wayward, and I want you to get closer to the family to advise him. She explained.
I began frequenting her house for the counseling sessions.

Her son was deeply into womanizing. Something I was a victim of. Indeed, appearance is deceptive. I thought.
I preached the word of God to him anytime I got to their house.

Asare, the Bible frowns at fornication, and I want you to turn away from it. I advised.
Meshac, I wish you could understand this. I don’t actually know how a handsome gentleman like you is managing his life without women, but the truth is that, I can’t live without them.

The Bible frowns at s-x, but my d--k smiles widely at it. Truth be told, I can’t change, unless I get HIV. He responded bluntly.

What! Asare, I can’t believe these words of yours. I exclaimed.

Immediately I landed with my words, a beautiful lady walked into the sitting room.
Hey Fosuaa, you never told us you were coming today. Asare exclaimed.

Anyway how is uncle? He asked.
Uncle is very fine bro. I only wanted to take you and mummy by surprise. She responded happily.

Oh my bad. Meshac, please meet my only sister, Fosuaa. She went to the village to spend the vacation with our uncle who is rich but has chosen to stay in the village for reasons best known to him. Meshac introduced.

We exchanged pleasantries and I asked permission to leave.

Days later, I went to the house and met Asare’s absence.

Hello Meshac, welcome home. Fosuaa welcomed happily.

Eerrm Fosuaa, please where is mummy and Asare? I asked.

They’ve gone to the village to settle a family issue. They will be back in the evening. She responded.

Alright then, I will be back tomorrow to see them. I responded and stood up to leave.

Come on Meshac, let me cook something for you. She insisted and I had no option than to stay.

She hurriedly went to her room to change her dress to a tight and short one.

Very exposing and tempting.

Meshac, be strong. Madam trusts you too much to betray her. I thought.

She cooked the food and served me.

When we got to the dinning table, she pretentiously slipped into my arms.

I stared into her eyes for seconds whiles she did same.

I couldn’t just take my eyes off her cleavage.
Slowly, I tried kissing her.

Just then, someone entered the sitting room.
Fosuaa, where are you? The person called.
Quickly, I sat down on the chair to hide my erected c--k.

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