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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 61
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Mom: And where do you think you are going with my husband?
Me: Mom I respect you very much and I wouldn’t want to find myself disrespecting you with words
so please just let us be..Whatever love portion you may have fed my father to obey whatever you
say don’t even for a second think that it will work for me.

With that father and I walked out.
Dad: Your mother is full of drama
Me: Well she is a woman amongst men that’s why.
Me: Ndokhakha dad
Dad: What’s with the TshiVenda?
Me: Been in Venda for long hence.
Dad:I see.What did you do?
Me: Been cheating on mia vhananga
He smacked me at the back of my head
Me: Ouch
Dad: Why did you do that?

Me: She was always on her moods.
Dad: She was pregnant with twins for that matter
Me: Father I know better now.


Shaz: Babe what’s wrong?
Me:I’m tired of all this sufferings Shaz.I don’t recall any happiness that ever lasted in my life.Les
was supposed to be my redemption.He was supposed to be my happily ever after because I have
been living a Cinderella life.But he has turned to be someone who constantly cheats..Doesn’t
sleep home sometimes.How am I to live with that? I’m thinking of leaving.I’m thinking of going
away.If I stay with him I will lose my sanity.
Someone cleared their throat and it was Les with his father.

Les: Babe can we talk.
His father and Shaz took the kids and we were left to talk.

Les: Babe please stop crying.I am sorry for what I put you through.I promise from now on I have

changed..I know words don’t mean anything without actions but I will prove to you that I have

Me: Ndiya ni funa i ambiwa hothe hothe. I ambiwa namusi yayo ambiwa matshelo fhedzi nne athi
divhi uri ya vhukuma ndi ifhio nne ndi shavha u lwala vhanna vhothe vhaya fana (I love you is
spoken all over..its said today or tomorrow.I honestly don’t know which one is true.I’m afraid to get
sick because all men are the same)
Les: babe please try to understand that I’m willing to work on my imperfections.I’m willing to do
what’s right for you and our kids..

Me: No shanduka Lesley. Ndo farelela fhedzi ndo neta (You have changed.I have held on but I’m

Les: Babe its my first time hurting you.Don’t I deserve a second chance?/I’m sorry love please
forgive me.
Me: Can I please go and meet my father in law
I saw him smile a bit.Mxm typical African men to cheat expecting forgiveness..

He helped me up and went to the others.
His dad was holding the girl..
Mr P: This one is gonna take care of me when I’m old.. She will be like ‘Nkgono you are so
demanding.I didn’t ask you to grow old’ akere she will be a snob.
I laughed.

Me: I wonder what you know about snobs.
Mr P: I have grown your husband to be and trust me it wasn’t easy but Ethan was worse because
o la ena o rata dilo straight.
I giggled.

Mr P: Thank you so much makoti.For not giving up on him even when he had nothing to his
name.Even when my wife said horrible things to you.

Me: Its okay father.
Honestly this man did nothing to me..Wy should I be angry at him.
Me: So father can you name them before we give them names of our choice
Mr P: The prince will be Itumeleng and the girl will be Onthabisitse.
Les: Wise choice old man.
Me: And wena what’s your choice.. They will only have pedi and Venda names finish.
Les: But babe
Me: I’m serious.

Les: The boy will be Phuluso
Me: The girl will be Rendani
Ethan: Wise choice…Now we won’t be calling the nana hai it was even depressing me.

We all laughed.

Shaz: Itu le Ontha..Mmmmm.
Seeing dad happy was all I ever wanted.All I wanted was my parents to be proud of me.Mom is
someone who hardly changes her mind so it’s gonna gonna remain this way until she decides
Dad: Son I have to get going now.
Me: Father after all that you have done for us we have decided to come work for the family
company but mom doesn’t have to know.
He looked at us as if we didn’t say anything.
Dad: What?

Ethan: Yes dad.We love you and we wouldn’t like to see you suffer for mom’s doings.

Dad: Thank you my children.

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