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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 62
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Father was very happy that we finally decided to work for the family company
MR P: You just don’t know how happy I am for what you are doing for me now.
Me: You are our father after all.We are family and family looks out for each other.We may have
gone through the worst in the past but dad it’s in the past now and we have to move on now..

Rudzi: Well spoken.
Mr P: You know Makoti my son used to be hard headed and I think you are the one bringing the
soft side of him.

Ethan: Exactly what I said when I met her.
Me: But I was never hard nje.

Ethan: Yeah keep lying to yourself…Anyway dad come let me drop you home.
Ethan: Worry not I will do that.Besides i have no one to go home to since Sharon seem to have
moved in.

Shaz: And I remember we said you are welcome here.Besides I don’t even know why you are
saying so because you sneak in every night.
We all laughed.

Ethan: I have to check up on my place anyway.I will see y’all tomorrow.
Shaz: Yeah right..Im here to help Rudzi out with the sleepless nights so suit yourself.But I know I
will see you tonight.

Ethan: Whatever.Come dad let’s go.
They left and I was left with the ladies.
My phone rang and it was the girl I was f-----g with during tough times with Rudzi.
Me: Excuse me ladies I have to answer this…It work.

Them: Okay.
I walked to the patio.
Me: What do you want?
Lebo: Why haven’t you been answering my calls?

Me: Because I’m ignoring you.Get the message already.Stop calling me.You will make my fiance

fight with me.

Lebo: Does that fiance exist from recently because last time I checked you answered my calls all
the time.
Me: f--k Lebo stay away from me.I love my fiance and will choose her all over if I were asked
to.Stop calling me.

I hanged up.When I turned my eyes met with Shaz.
Shaz: If I were you I would deal with that before it makes you lose Rudzani for good.
Me: I believe it’s solved.


If I don’t do things myself no one will do it the right way.I have been giving this Stan guy a chance
to strike but he is slow.I hired my guys to speed things up.I was standing at a near distance next tothe traffic lights.The twin was with their father so it’s a good way to get to him..My boys were
driving a truck so instead of them waiting for their green lights they didn’t so they headed straight
to their car and that cause a serious accident..If they survive this then their God is a living God or
rather I say their ancestors are watching over them..

I smiled then got in my car and left.
One mission complited..


We were just chilling playing monopoly since the kids were sleeping..Les was not going easy on
us honestly.
Les: Dad and Ethan haven’t told us how they got home.
Shaz: Its unlike Ethan to never let me know that he got home safe.Let me try his phone.
Les: Already did.Its off.
Shaz: Maybe he was honest..I will be sleeping alone tonight.

Sharon’s phone rang and she looked at us.
Shaz: Its mother in law.
Les: Answer.
She put it on loud speaker
Shaz: Ma
Mrs P: The…they involved in a oh my God nooo
She was breaking and it was clear on her voice
Shaz: Ma calm down.I can’t understand you.
Mrs P: My husband and Ethan got involved in a car accident.

She finally managed to say.
The phone fell from Shaz’s hands.
I could see Les was shocked so I picked it up.
Me: Hello.Ma where are you.
She told me the private hospital that they are at..I took the kids and put them in the family car on
their baby sits,they were already wearing warm clothes.

I helped Shaz to the car and Les came along.I took the car keys from him.Aint no way I’m gonna
let him drive us in his state.Him pushing me months back to get a licence is coming in handy
now..I drove there with the help of a gps..When we got there they got out amd left me with the
kids.I took their twin pram and I unfolded it and put them inside.Its not healthy to bring babies to
such places ..I will just let them know that I will be in the car..

When I got inside Shaz was crying her lungs out.Les was sitting down with his face burried on his

I went to him.
Me: Babe how are they?
He looked at me and hurt was written on him.His eyes were fire red.

Les: They are still with the doctors.
Mrs P: You took my husband to go and kill him!! You have killed my husband and son.
She was shouting while crying.Sh was causing drama and all attention was on us.

Nurse: Mam please calm down..Keep it low we have patients here.
She kept quiet.The nurse walked away.
Mrs P: And you..None of this would have happened if you stayed back to the village you came

Les:Babe take the babies to the car..Wait for me there.

I just sat there and looked at him.
Les: I SAID GO!!!
He frightened me..I got up quickly and left with the kids..


Honestly I didn’t want Rudzani to be a victim of my mom anymore.Rather she say all those hurtful
words to me than her.I can’t bare to see her stress.Expecially since she didn’t give birth not long..
We sat there for hours until the doctor came..
Dr: Pilusa family.
Mom half ran to him.
Mrs P: Its us.

Dr: We were busy with the both of them.Ethan is in a coma.He suffered broken ribs,and some
internal bleeding.So he is not yet out of danger.

Mrs P: What about my husband?
Dr: He is in a very critical condition..He is breathing with the help of machines.He suffered head

Mrs P: These kids have killed me.They have killed my husband for me.
I honestly wanted to tell mom off but knowing her very well it won’t end well so I kept quiet.

Me: So Dr can we see them?
Dr: For 5minutes..You will have to come back tomorrow to see them.
Me: 5 minutes it’s better than nothing.
We went one after the other and I can say it was pretty bad..It really looked bad.
I took Sharon with me and we found Rudzi sleeping in the car..I knocked on the door and she
woke up and unlocked ..I took the car keys and took the driver’s seat,Rudzi was seating with the
kids and Shaz took the front seat.She really looked like a walking zombie

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