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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 63
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When we got home Rudzi was asleep so I took the kids inside and went back for her only to find
her with Shaz in the sitting room comforting each other.I just stood at the door with my head rested
on the door frame.

Shaz: I can’t lose him Rudzi.He is all I have and all I ever needed.

Rudzi: Babe take heart. He will survive this..He will come back to you.

I couldn’t take her painful sobbs so I went to my mini office.

A message alert came through my phone.
‘I hope you are prepared for what is next because this is my first strike.Sleep with one eye open
because you might wake up to no child by your side..When I’m done with you Pilusa boys you will know that I’m a man not to mess with.’

So this accident was planned..Whoever this is has really outdone themselves to go for my father
and twin.I can take anything but not my family.I honestly don’t have power.How do I do this without
Ethan?.Where do I get the energy to handle this?

If not for my father and twin then I have to do this for my children.Im not a gangster but sometimes
one has to fight evil with evil.

I connected my gadgets and started working..What I was doing was risky but it doesn’t matter
because I wanted to know the truth.When I finally got the footages of the cameras placed at the
robots I played them.How the accident happened really broke my heart because it showed how
intended it was.No one can just go when the robot is red and there is a car that’s crossing the

road.I can just imagine the fear I’m their eyes when that car approached theirs.Its not a good sight
to just see your life flesh before your eyes..When i was tired of looking at the car clashes I looked
for evidence.I had to look for even smaller things to find out who did this..

My eyes landed on him.Even though he wasn’t clear but I could tell it was him.He was standing
there waiting for the accident to take place..When it finally did he got in the car and left.I played
that over and over..I sat back on the chair and got carried away thinking of what to do next..First
thing I have to do is get Shaz and Rudzi along with the kids out of here.Its not safe for them at all.

Rudzi: Babe please come to bed.

Me: Go and sleep with Shaz I’m sure she is devastated..Im really okay and I’m sorry for how I
spoke to you at the hospital.

Rudzi: Its okay.I understood why you did it

Me: Please sleep in the nursery with Shaz and the kids.

Rudzi: Okay

Me: Babe I received a threatening sms so I need you to trust me from now on.I have to get
you,Sharon and the kids out of here.Its not safe for you.Its about to get bloody.

Shaz: I am not going anywhere.I am not afraid of anyone.I grew up in the ghetto so if anyone
comes for me then I will be waiting for them.I will not run away.I will not leave my man in a hospital
bed needing me now more than ever just because a bunch of coward pussies are hiding behind a
gun and car accidents to get to your family.I will stay and fight..

She walked away after saying that.I didn’t even notice when she got here but what I know is that
with her no one wins so I will let her be but I have to let my little family go into hiding.

Rudzi: If going away means protecting my children then I will go..

Me: The people surely know that my mother and I don’t get along so you will go and stay there for
a while.

Rudzi: How will I live with her? That’s impossible

Me: Babe don’t worry she will come around..

Honestly this is not what I signed up for.What I know is that even at his mother’s place we will not
me 100% safe..Actually not even 50% safe.I have to come up with a plan and very fast.

Les: Babe pack fast so that we can leave.

Me: I’m almost done.

Les: I will take a quick shower so long

Me: Okay
Jackpot.I called a cab and it got here fast.I took my bags out first then took my babies along.I will
send Les a message once I’m on the way.I will see where I will go.I can’t stay with someone who
doesn’t want me at all.His mother showed me how she feels about me and I can’t force her to like
me.I just didn’t know that being poor or coming from the villages is a disease because she treats
me like I’m some contagious disease that she will catch if she likes me.

Driver: Where am I taking you mam

Me: park station.

Driver: Okay

I called my assistant and told her that I won’t be around for some while she should manage
everything and she said it’s not a problem since I’m still on maternity.
‘I wish I could have made you happy by going to your mom’s but babe let’s face reality,Your mom
hates me for years and it will take more than all this to make her like me.I will have to find a place
where I will be safe from all this.Besides I still need to heal from all that you put me through.And
oh if the people are really after you then your mom’s is also not safe aswel.Keep well Les.I will
come back when I’m sure I have healed and it’s safe for me and my kids to come back.
Ps don’t try to find us I’m begging you ‘
I read 3times before sending.Les will have to forgive me.

I took a bus straight to Venda.No one will know I’m there since I will be laying low..But I will have
to by myself a little car to keep us going..
Its short but I tried..Night

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