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Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) - Season 1 - Episode 66
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I panicked not knowing what to do or say. My twins are my weakness. The thought of them being
killed breaks me but it angered me at the same time.

Me: Its gonna be a war then…You will have to kill me first before you kill my babies..Im not afraid
of you coward. I call you a coward because you go after women but afraid of men your own size..

The person burst in laughter and that’s when I noticed the voice. I turned and started hitting his

Me: F--k you!!!

Les: That’s for taking off with my kids.
Me: You scared me

Les: I’m sorry baby but never ever go with my kids. Ever again

Me: You don’t even know why I went so don’t…actually you know what. Bye Lesley.

Les: Come on babe. I’m sorry

Me: I said get the hell out!

Les: Jeez woman are you pregnant again? I said it was a joke okay. I’m sorry. Come on babe.

Forgive me

Me: Mxm

I have been trying to track down Lesley and his family only to fail. I found Lesley but that was
useless because the locations I found are too confusing. I can’t get access into Ehtans room as
well as his father. My plan is not going the way it should. Stanley I’d also very much useless. I am
very close to breaking him apart.Dammit why is this happening? I hit the table very hard that some
things fell.

Stan: Calm down

Me: You are so d--n useless boy.You are not even doing anything..I have to find his girlfriend
and children.

Stan: I know where they are and I’m your key to getting them..We strike tonight.

I have been working very hard to derail boss and to be honest I think it’s working. I want to strike
him whilst his focus is still somewhere else. I want him to feel the pain I am feeling right now. I
want him to surrender. I will make him regret ever messing with us. I honestly hate that man. He
has made us suffer and I will return the favour.

My phone rang.

Me: Talk to me

Spijo: We have the girl Me: Lets meet at the warehouse

Spijo: We are already there

Me: I’m on my way
I got in my car and drove straight to the warehouse
When I got there I found Tendani with my boys.

Me: Well well well.What do we have here? Daddy’s little angel or should I say daddy’s mistress..Im
so going to enjoy breaking your family apart after what they put me through.Your video riding your
father is just gonna be news to feed the world.

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