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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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She gulped the steaming spicy pepper soup hungrily, ‘I really have to go Mummy, you know all the profit I made yesterday was taken by those criminals and I am to contribute five hundred naira into the Esusu committee in two days’ time’, her mother shook her head

‘but you really need to rest’,
she smiled, ‘ mummy I can take care of myself, just go to school and sell your moi-moi, don’t worry about me, kukere everything would be fine’.

‘well if you say so’,
her mother began as she packed her wares for another hectic day,

‘ make sure you come home early, please and by the way, your Friend, Sarah had come looking for you but left immediately after she learnt of your mysterious disappearance’.

‘when exactly did she come’?
asked Deborah
rolling her eyes to remember the exact time, the woman gave up and settled for a simple answer ‘ late in the night’, she walked closer and rubbed her daughter’s head ‘ take good care of yourself, I have to go now’.

The traffic was as expected, the day, being a big market day, so many cars and tricycles were parked haphazardly by the roadside,
‘ it’s quite unfortunate that these Road Safety Officials do not carry out their duties when needed most, just look at this’ Ani complained as he struggled to move past the crowd.

‘take the other street then’
Andy offered pointing at a route nearby;

‘and where would I pack the car’?
, knowing very well it wasn’t safe to park in such a crowded place anything could happen, he sighed, feeling frustrated,

‘ Bro you can park it a little in front, we would wait for you while you go get the ring’,

Andy sneered at Clara ‘ smally who would stay in the car with you’?
she rolled her eyes and tongued him, ‘ someone called Andy’.

Luckily as they approached, a large vehicle was already moving creating ample space for them to park.

‘that was good luck, my day is gonna be just fine’
Ani exclaimed stepping down from the car, the market was still in sight but few steps behind.

‘ Okay guys, I would be back in a jiffy’,
as he moved further, he knew something was off, knowing his sister very well, she hated waiting in the car or even going out, she was being too nice he turned back to find out her real plans.

‘Clara…’ he called, she stepped down looking confused, ‘okay spill it out, what do you want me to buy for you at the Jeweler’s?’ she fiddled with her hands before replying, ‘ common bro, why do you suspect my moves, I just felt like accompanying you’.

Andy was the first to laugh, ‘Story! You better tell him what you want now and by the way Aniebiet you have to be fast, I have a date with that Uniuyo Chic I told you about’.
Clara frowned, her cover was blown ‘ okay, but it may be quite expensive’, she had seen a beautiful emerald necklace placed on Advertisement, she really needed it, the prestigious Jewel shop was the talk of the town, and she liked being the first to sample any new trend.

‘What is it ‘?
Her brother urged gently, ‘ uhmm, I want the Jasmine Emerald necklace, it’s worth about 3000 dollars’ she winced as she called the price,
‘ is that all’?,
she nodded and he smiled and walked away. The girl was cunning, but he loved her so much, regrettably more than Seline, who was their opposite, they hardly ever got along, he shrugged, that was how life was. You were never given the chance to choose your relatives.

Few minutes after Ani was out of sight, Andy inquired about his fiancée, he had only seen Morganna in pictures and she was something to behold but for some reason he felt she wasn’t right for his cousin; his opinions however, didn’t matter, Aniebiet had already made up his mind.

‘Tell me about Morganna’,
Clarabella looked at him suspiciously, ‘ why? Do you want to snatch someone’s wife’?

he pinched her round nose playfully, ‘ am thinking about that, maybe I could kidnap her so your big bro won’t get married’.

She sneered, she didn’t feel comfortable around Morganna , she was too plastic for her own good, looking all perfect and in control, she knew deep down that her brother may regret his decision later; that wasn’t even his decision, it was their mother’s, Mrs Briggas was always wanting to be in control of everything, she wanted to make and take decision at all times and Morganna was her younger version that was why they flowed so well.

‘I don’t like her’
was all she said,
Andy perked a brow, ‘really and why is that’? thanking his inner voice that someone shared his feelings,

‘I think she is hiding her true nature but Mum and Seline like her, Dad adores her but I know Aniebiet is making a big mistake’.

Andy held her hands comforting her, he understood what it meant to watch someone you loved make a mistake, ‘I feel the same way too, although I haven’t met her in person, I have second thoughts about her, but if Aniebiet loves her, all we have to do is support him as family’.

She nodded and took in all what her cousin had said, then it dawned on her, she had to take her stand, her Mother would never choose a husband for her.

Deborah had finished her little shopping, she had purchased enough unripe plantain to last for a week and at very cheap prices. She checked her purse to see if her change remained, this market was filled with pick pockets, being sure nothing had been stolen, she hummed a tune and walked briskly towards the area where cars were parked, she normally stood there to board a taxi which was also cheaper back home.

She was quite happy and thanked God for using her landlord to bless her, the man was overly generous, she beamed, he was a nice man and his heart was beautiful.

Out of the blues, the door to the car close to her suddenly opened. She tried balancing herself so as not to be hit but she was too late. As she fell to the ground and the bag she held tore, releasing its content to the floor, she met the sorry look of the young girl that had opened the car door mistakenly, ‘am sorry, am so sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Andy rushed out and helped the girl get up her on feet, he was immediately taken in by her beauty, she was breath taking and he felt in his heart that he had found the one!

‘ I Am sorry Sweetheart, forgive my cousin, you see she could be very clumsy sometimes’
he explained kindly, while Clarabella glared angrily at him.

Deborah quickly released herself from his grip recalling the incident that had happened to her the previous night, this was the city and she was suspicious of all strangers, as a hawker she knew it was unsafe to chat with or engage oneself with strangers, one could get hypnotized and duped.

‘Thank you’
she muttered absent mindedly as she bent down to pack up her plantains, while Andy kept staring at her like he hadn’t seen a woman in his entire life, Clara jerked him a little with her elbow but he was lost, she wondered why men got so weak whenever they sighted a beautiful woman.

Aniebiet wondered who the light skinned beauty was, he sneered, knowing fully well who his cousin was and what he was capable of, he increased his steps as he wanted to catch up with time, the party had to be perfect for his Morganna.

When he got to where they were, he was stricken by the beauty of the young girl who was picking some foodstuffs from the floor, his sister explained what ensued, he heard her voice but he wasn’t listening, he took in the features of the girl, Morganna was definitely more beautiful than this girl but there was something about her light brown eyes and her pink lips, something sad, and it was drawing him to her, he noticed the scar on her face and wondered what had happened to her. Was she married? Did she have an abusive boyfriend? He wondered and suddenly felt an urge to protect her.

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