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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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‘You should be on your way now son’ Ekanem Briggas urged her son, she just couldn’t wait for the moment. Just then she sighted the entrance of her esteemed guests, the Ita family, she gave her best smile and ran to welcome them; she absolutely loved everything about the night, she had purposely worn her gown imported from Paris and her best jewelry set, she knew how to dress up for a party and she smiled satisfactorily as she saw the envy on the faces of some of the female guests.

‘Sweetheart I’m on my way, hold on’
Ani reassured Morganna as he drove to meet his wife to be. He was supposed to be thrilled by this event, no doubt he was happy but he wasn’t totally thrilled, something was missing, he felt it, but he pushed the thoughts out of his mind. He wasn’t a confused teenager who struggled with infatuation, Aniebiet Briggass was a full grown man and would accept this responsibility.

He was approaching Morganna’s house but his thoughts weren’t about her, he couldn’t forget the girl he had seen earlier, the sadness in her gentle eyes and how fragile she had looked, he began to wonder if the night was a mistake.

‘Darling, you made it right on time’
said Morganna as she ran out to hug him, she looked as gorgeous as ever in her knee length black gown and her yellow pumps, he kissed her lips and smelt her hair, ‘you’re so beautiful’ he breathed, she kissed him back, ‘I love you baby’ she said with all her heart and melted like cotton candy into his lovely arms, they stood there for a moment taking in each other.

As far as Morganna was concerned the world had stopped for that moment; only Ani mattered to her right now. Ani closed his eyes whispering to God, ‘I hope this is right’. He broke away from the passionate embrace and led her to the car, she felt like a queen, his queen, when she had settled, he kissed her again to reassure himself she was the one, while she smiled and got lost in his brooding eyes. Then he ignited the engine and sped off.

‘How was your day’
he asked looking a bit concerned,

‘my day was fine except it was quite stressful’,
she replied ‘and yours’?

He paused not wanting to remember the girl he met, ‘I was busy all day in the office but my thoughts were occupied with you my love’,

she smiled and winked, ‘ Ani you’re acting funny tonight, you have never been this romantic, is there something you’re hiding from me’? she raised her finely shaped brow.

Ani winced at the accusation, he was such a terrible liar, he felt like bursting with laughter knowing about the surprise package that awaited her, but he smiled instead, ‘ you are right my love’, he said as they approached the house, then he stopped the car just before they reached the building.
He stared into her eyes for seconds and began smoothly, Andy had written him a love poem to back up his proposal , he cleared his throat and smiled once again………. ‘ I don’t know how to say this Morganna but I love you’…

before he could continue, she sat up and hushed him ‘ are you trying to break with me’?,

‘ no….no not at all ‘
he stuttered, he quickly removed the casing of the ring and without second thoughts exclaimed ‘ Marry me Morganna Esio’,
she stayed shocked for a moment then gave a loud scream ‘ yes, yes I will marry you’, she put her arms around him and hugged him tight, her dream had come true, the only man she ever loved had proposed to her ‘ I love you so much’,
He removed her arms from around him and took in her beautiful face, then kissed her lips very slowly. She closed her eyes and relished this flame that was growing inside her, an unseen inferno yet he burnt her soul with his desires. He broke off remembering the party while wiping her lips. ‘Am sorry I smeared your lipstick’ he apologized, she elbowed him jokingly and they both laughed.

As they both stepped down from the car, the people clapped and Morganna almost died of shock, she was awed by this reception, she never believed Aniebiet could go all the way for her, ‘ you did all this for me’? she asked with tears in her eyes, ‘ yes baby and I will do more’.

Not minding the crowd, she pulled his face down for another kiss, while the audience clapped louder. They were both ushered to the center of the garden and a mock throne room designed with red and white roses. ‘I wish my father was here’ she whispered to him, ‘me too’ he replied and kissed her fingers.

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