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Deborah  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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The party went on well, then came the most crucial period, the crux of the whole event, the toast to the newly engaged couples, Andy was to deliver the post but he was nowhere to be found.The announcer called out his name twice but he was no where to be seen.

There was a bit of embassrrased silence, not a woman who tolerated disorganization, Mrs Briggas took to the stage, said a few kind words and proposed a toast and they all drank to the ‘Bride and Groom’.

It was such a lovely night, the wind and its cool presence coupled with the melodious harmony of the music band, everything was beautiful.

One thing Ekanem Briggas hated was unserious and lazy people, she returned to the house to search for Andy, how could he embarrass her so, although she loved her husband’s nephew like her own biological son, she had zero tolerance for irresponsibility.

She got to his door and for several minutes and got no answer. She decided to give up, maybe he was asleep, she had heard Seline complaining about his intake of alcohol hours before. She finally gave up and went down to the other end of the house, she needed to check on the servants to see if they were on their toes, food had to be served immediately.

As she approached the servants quarters, she heard muffled sounds, like someone was in pain, she became curious as she wouldn’t allow any cursed servant to put an end to her son’s engagement party.

She followed the trail of the sound and stood before Jessica’s door, wondering what her maid was up to, she checked the door and found it open, she pushed it further and screamed in shock. They fell down naked from each other, while Andy quickly wore his boxers, Jessica had no option than to go on her knees, ‘ I’m sorry madam, it was a mistake’, She eyed the girl for a long time and laced her words with a heavy dose of hatred ‘Get your things and leave my house and Andy I’m highly disappointed in you, your uncle would get to hear about this act of shame’.

Deborah finally made up her mind to return to the house, she had wept enough over what she considered a betrayal by her mother. She decided that Home wasn’t safe for her anymore, if her mother who preached chastity and morals could condescend so low, then she could be led into a trap at anytime. She was alone now, she couldn’t quite see the difference between her mother and her sister Eno, her mother was a bloody hypocrite and she had made up her mind to leave her for good. She was now an orphan, she had to find a place, she just needed her space.

Walking into the compound, the memory of what transpired ealier in the day came back to her and she felt sick in her stocmach. She knocked on the door twice and was surprised to see Eno open the door; Eno looked disturbed and scared, but she ignored her, afterall it was Eno, the stubborn bull of the house. She had wondered where Eno had gotten that wayward character from and from what she had seen, her mother was probably like that. She ignored her mother, who lay quietly on the bed; she quickly changed her clothes and left for a bath.

‘What is going on between you two’?
Eno asked her mother, ‘favorite mother and daughter keeping malice? And here was I thinking I’m the only devil’
Her mother hissed and turned to face the wall, what she had done was inexcusable but she had to do it for them to survive, for them to have a roof over their heads, it was a matter of survival. Unlike other men that used and dumped her without tangible benefits; the landlord had proven himself generous.

They had been careless and their cover had been blown. Now the virtuous image she had painted for her kids and urged them to emulate was gone, especially for Deborah, she sighed again and prayed her daughter forgave her. She had to do it, the landlord had wanted Deborah for himself or they pay up their accumulated rent but her mother had begged him crying to have her instead and they both had come to enjoy each other’s company.

She however had no excuse, the landlord had a wife, a stable marriage at that and five beautiful children, she felt the impact of what she had done when her daughter came back a second time and totally ignored her joining her sister on the mat.

Deborah sighed as she lay on the mat, she had tried sleeping but sleep eluded her beautiful eyes, she tried praying but she saw the picture again, her landlord butt naked grinding over her mother on the bare floor like cavemen, she forced her eyes shut and opened them when her sister flashed the torch on her face,

‘what’s going on between you two’?
her sister asked looking innocent,

Deborah ignored her and wondered why her sister had changed all of a sudden, she only acted this way if she was in serious trouble, Deborah hissed as her thoughts raced

‘ only this time I won’t be here to save you from whatever you got yourself into’

The morning came as expected, Deborah handled her chores well and avoided her mother who tried making small talk, she had barely gone five feet away from the house when she heard her mother shouting loudly in a broken voice

‘Eno you are pregnant, you have killed me, we barely feed well yet you have brought in another mouth’

tears spilled her mother’s face, she was frustrated, raising two kids alone wasn’t easy and now she had made a mess of it, Eno stood quietly at the doorpost sobbing

‘mama I’m so sorry’
Her mother stopped crying, it was of no use and knowing her daughter well, the pregnancy was past abortion that is probably the reason the girl had kept this, she felt so bad, where had she gone wrong in training Eno?

Deborah stood watching the scene, she couldn’t believe her ears, then it dawned on her, she really had to leave her mother and sister, their stories made her irritated, ‘ who is responsible’? her mother kept on asking but the poor girl cried louder attracting the other neighbors.

Having gotten wind of the information, the women advised her mother to take it easy with the Eno. Deborah sat silently amidst all the voices, she needed help from God and she needed it badly. As the questions increased, the girl had no choice than to expose the man who had gotten her pregnant,

she cried, ‘ Ehen what has landlord got to do with this’?, she shivered a bit and nodded her head, her mother fell to the ground in agony.

Deborah couldn’t take it anymore she ran with her wares and left for the camp of hawkers, she had to get her mind off things, she needed fresh air.

The night had been a success, Morganna lay beside Ani smiling and watching his adorable face while he slept, nothing could replace what she was feeling now, she couldn’t wait to celebrate with her friends, the wedding dates had already been fixed, in a month’s time she would become a Briggas. The wife of the richest young man in the country, she mused, flicking her fingers as she admired the expensive sapphire ring he had gotten her. She had found freedom; her soul was at peace just because of one man.

Ani was enjoying his dream, he didn’t want to wake up, he didn’t want to let her go. He had seen her again, this time, they were in a garden, he plucked a rose and placed it on her glorious head, she was so beautiful and he felt joy seeing her smile. Suddenly she became sad again,

‘what’s wrong my love’?
he breathed, she sighed and walked away from him, he ran after her but he was too late, ‘come back’ he cried, but he saw her next on the far side of the road, with a basket on her head crying, , ‘who will buy my wares’ and vanished. He awoke with shouts of ‘no!!!! come back’.

‘Aniebiet, wake up’
she shook him, he gasped and opened his eyes, meeting the eyes of a confused Morganna, ‘it was only a dream’ he breathed reassuringly, he had seen the girl again, ‘my love what was it about’, he smiled and shook his head, ‘nothing to worry about’ rising up to have his morning bath. ‘I will be back shortly’, she smiled mischievously at his retreating figure and called out seductively ‘care if I join you’?

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