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deep secrets  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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5:45 pm, Eden Crest Suits

Mayo was walking around his hotel room without his clothes on. As he paced around, his thigh muscles and biceps pulsated. He had a phone to his ear talking with Bimpe. “Common Bimpe! Why whip up my appetite only to keep me waiting? Where are the girls?” Mayo asked. “Calm down Mayo, we are around. What is your room number?” “24,” he replied as went toward the door. “Okay, we will be there shortly,” Bimpe said with her heart pounding away. Her guess was that Mayo had not yet suspected any foul play. Leading the way, the three ladies followed her to the room. When Mayo heard a knock on the door, he quickly opened, not minding that he was naked. Bimpe walked into the room and ushered the ladies in. Mayo had no time to waste, he pointed at the three ladies to go his massive bed and undress quickly. Bimpe nodded at them to go ahead. She had not planned to hang around a while, but being who she was, the moment she saw Mayo naked and fully roused, she felt a rush down her waist. She tried to leave the room to let the girls do their work, but she just could not resist the lust surging through her. At lightning speed, she began to peel her clothes off.

“I thought it was going to be just me and the girls, Bim. What are you doing?” “I just can’t walk away from the sight of you being naked and roused,” she said, dragging Mayo to the floor. “Girls you have to wait for me to have him first,” she continued. The sort of violent, animated sex she had with Mayo left the ladies wondering if both Mayo and Bimpe were humans or beasts. It was more light a fight in a ring. The two of them could not get enough of each other. How Bimpe did not pass out, going by how Mayo was thrusting himself into her was a mystery to the three ladies who sat naked on the bed watching the horror which went on in the room. Just when the three ladies were thinking the shocking act won’t come to a stop, Bimpe m0aned like she was going die and passed out momentarily. Breathing like a bull in a fight, Mayo stood up from her and went for the three ladies. They were so scared of him that they stood to their feet on the bed and shrank from him. He was not supposed to still be looking for more sex after what Bimpe had put him through. However, he looked like he was only just beginning.

He stood on the edge of the bed and sized up the three naked ladies. Hi eyes dwelt on the dark skinned, curvy one, with a heavy posterior. He jumped on the bed and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the bed. The lady yelled in pain, pleading for him to let go of her. When he had shoved the young lady to the floor, he gave her two slaps to the face and shouted, “You are going to either Italy or Malaysia to work as a prostitute, over there they will do worse to you!” The lady stood to her feet and tried to run, he grabbed her by the neck, positioned her the way which suited him and shoved himself into her like a loose train running through a herd of sheep. The lady who must have heard about hell, came to the edge of it, in that instance, and only by God’s mercy did she not sink into it eternally. The power of Mayo inside her was like the strength of a thousand men moving into her at once. She fought to brake lose but he had her pinned down with his very muscular hands.

Bimpe who had just revived, watched from the floor expecting Mayo to drop dead any moment, but he continued to ride the lady like a horse, speaking words only permissible in hell. The lady fought hard to break off carving Mayo’s skin with her nails until she became unconscious. Mayo Pushed her aside like he had just cast off a piece of cloth and went for one of the lady on the bed. The lady, afraid of being dragged by her hair readily yielded herself to him. Mayo had no time for foreplay. He went into the girl like he did the other and began to ride her like an old locomotive train. The girl managed to bolt from him and made for the door. The door was securely locked. While she fiddled with it, Mayo grabbed her from the back and continued from where he stopped. The other lady on the bed was so afraid she began to cry at the top of her voice calling for help. Bimpe dragged herself up from the floor, went over to her and punched her to silence. “You will do as I say. If the other two will not kill him, you will. He can’t have me and the three of you and still survive the ritual,” she whispered into the lady’s ear and she nodded in fear.

The second lady Mayo was ridding did not last long, when she began to cough terribly, spewing out bloody phlegm from her mouth, Mayo let go of her and turned his attention to the lady on the bed. Bimpe pushed her toward him. When Mayo went into her, he shook and tried to pull himself away from her without success. He fought for what seemed like fifteen minutes to remove himself from her, but he could not. Unknown to Mayo, the three ladies had been taken over by forces which defile his temple and nullify his covenant with hell. On the on other hand, Bimpe did not know that Mayo had made diabolical incision on his male organ before they arrived. His intention was to offer the ladies to his altar. Luckily for both Bimpe and the three ladies, his altar had been defiled. Mayo was desperate to renew his powers having known a big storm was coming his way. While Mayo struggled to break free, he felt something inside of the third lady chewing up his male organ. When he finally pulled away from her, he fell to the ground like a log of wood. He was bleeding from every pore on his skin and from his eyes, nose, mouth and ear.

Lying helplessly on the floor, he cried out to Bimpe for help. Bimpe had to a great extent achieved her aim but she was not faring any better. She was not meant to have sex with Mayo on that day, and Mayo was so bent on hurting her that he did not let her know what he had done to himself before they arrived. The occult incision on his male organ was intended to destroy the souls he was to have sex with that day. Unfortunately for Bimpe, she had not taken part in the rituals the three girls went through. She could feel her strength failing rapidly and a monster heat burning her up from within. The three ladies had much better chance at surviving than she did. However, she knew who to run to for help. If she could reach him in time, she just might survive the death which had begun to consume her. There was no time for her and the girls to put on their clothes, they grabbed only their purses and staggered out of the room; the three ladies, littering the floor with blood as they headed out. On the floor, the mighty Mayo lay, fighting with all he had to escape the death which had descended on him. Crawling to where his phone lay, he managed to dial Annabel, when she came on, his voice stuttered, “Mr. Femi… Bimpe’s husband… he… ordered the hit to kill your father. The videos… Bimpe, she signed the… speak to Idara.” He was trying to reveal some secrets to Annabel. The burning s£nsat!on in his throat and the pain in his g---n were way too much for him to bear. He dropped the phone on the floor while Annabel was still on the line and began to mutter some incantation; doing his best to summon to his aid, the spirits he served.

0 6: 18 pm, Idara Maxwell’s House

While Chucks sped back to the Helmsman’s holding house, to tell Eve and Stanley that the Helmsman was working against them; Eve and Stanley were being led blindfolded into Idara’s mansion. Idara who was standing at her balcony upstairs when the Helmsman and his men dragged Eve and Stanley out of their van, had quickly descended to the living room downstairs. Standing at the end of the staircase, she waited with a gun in her hand. Immediately the Helmsman and his men led Eve and Stanley into the living room, she raised her hand and fired two quick shots. A body dropped to the floor and Eve began to cry. Idara brought her pistol to her nose and smelt the gun powder oozing from it. Idara motioned at Eve and asked her to follow her upstairs for a chat, she refused, holding onto Stanley who was lying on the floor.

“What is he doing on the floor, I did not shoot him. I only shot that b-----d who had been selling off everybody since Maxwell my son died,” Idara said referring to Stanley who was on the floor bleeding. Next to him was the Helmsman with a gaping hole in his head. “He is bleeding! You just killed my husband!” Eve yelled. Springing to her feet, she made a dash toward Idara to bring her down to the floor with a close-line. The sound of gun clicking as they were being cocked quickly, stopped her cold in her track. “Don’t test my patience Eve. It is a virtue I lack exceedingly,” Idara warned. “Go check your husband, I did not shoot him. I shot only that fool over there,” she continued. Eve aimed a kick at Stanley to prove to Idara that she had killed him. Stanley stirred and sat up. He had landed awkwardly with his head when a bullet grazed his arm before lodging into the Helmsman lungs. “In over thirty years, I have never shot and killed the wrong person. I am Russian trained and I was top of my class,” Idara boasted. When Eve saw that Stanley’s head was swollen, she called for ice. Idara’s domestic assistants brought her a pack of ice and she began to dab it on Stanley’s swollen head. Idara had no pity for the pain Stanley suffered. Waving her gun like she was going to shoot one more person, she ordered her guards, “Take that body away, and give me some room to talk with these two. Make sure you dispose of it properly.” Idara walked over to one of the sofas, sat down and crossed her leg.

“Maxwell killed Jimmy, his half-brother because of the place I was going to give him in the family. However, I think it was time for Jimmy to die. He had caused much trouble for everyone. Maxwell did not know Jimmy was his brother until I brought it up. I mentioned it to him because Jimmy was trying to sell some information to him about the videos. Jimmy didn’t know he was Maxwell’s brother. I killed my husband because of Jimmy. I had him in the Gambia for a Nigerian farmer there…” she said. Neither Eve nor Stanley was interested in her story. They would rather have her tell them in details why they were in her house and the details of why she killed the Helmsman. Eve was going to ask her to cut to the chase when she raised her gun and fired a shot at her, missing Eve’s skull narrowly. “I deliberately missed. Next time, I won’t. You have to listen to my story. I like it when people give me attention. I hate to be ignored. Don’t do that again,” Idara cautioned. Even and Stanley who were visibly shaken, nodded. They had seen how ruthless the old woman was.

Story continues..
Chai, some women with high libido.See what Bimbe has caused herself.

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