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deep secrets  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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06:48 pm, Idowu Matins Street

Annabel and a team of armed guards were speeding through the street. She had a phone to her ear, having a telephone conversation. “Chucks, I think I know who killed my father, Maxwell. I received a call from Mayo a while ago. He seemed to be in some trouble. Have you heard from Eve and Stanley? I can’t reach them on their phones,” Annabel breathlessly. “I just left the Helmsman’s holding house with Steve, Chief Baribote and all the people in there. The Helmsman has been working against us all. He has been giving some information to your grandmother Idara Maxwell. Stanley and Eve might possibly be in her custody by now. Clara said she saw the Helmsman and some three men at the holding house before Eve and Stanley went missing,” Chucks explained. “You can’t be serious Chucks, my grandmother, Idara, has been bedridden for eight years in Moscow. If there is an Idara Maxwell holding Eve and Stanley, then she is not my grandmother.” “Why don’t you go pay her a visit and find out for yourself if she is your grandmother or not? From what I have gathered so far, she has great interest in the missing videos. By the way who killed your father?”
“Femi, Bimpe’s husband. I guess he found out what my father was doing with his wife. I am going to revenge nonetheless. But first I have to find out who this Idara Maxwell is. For all I care, my grandmother is supposed to be lying sick in a hospital in Moscow.” “Okay, do that quick and get back to me. I am moving everyone over here to a safe house someplace in the city. Don’t forget to watch local television stations this evening; Billy Sekwa is going to hit Julia Idris harder than she has ever been hit. Things are going to get messier and bloody from this evening. Keep your eyes open. One more thing, please send someone to keep an eye on Emilia. I will suggest you send her a gigolo, she can’t resist a man with a strong sex appeal.” “I should have thought of that earlier, you just made a good suggestion Chucks. I know just who to send to her. She can’t say no to him. One of my guards with a bent for spilling blood had a penis enlargement not long ago, he will be just a perfect fit for her. He is as much a maniac as Emilia. This guy has sex with his female victims after killing them.” “Good, Annabel. I can’t wait to hear you have sent him to Emilia.”

07:15 pm, The Order of Sora La pilis

The vehicle conveying Bimpe and her three harlot apprentices drove into the large compound of the order of Sora La pilis. In every direction there were naked women and men. Under trees and the cover of flowers, there were adult men and women in profane, occult sexual intercourse. The compound cut the look of Pompey just before Mount Vesuvius unleashed poultice ash to bury the adulterous city. The male servants of the enchantress who offered the counter sacrifices on Mayo’s altar jumped out of the vehicle and hurled out Bimpe and the three young harlots. Bimpe was foaming blood in the mount. The three ladies looked like they would pass out at any moment. Their feet were wonky and they tottered terribly. Male and female servants at the ancient Babylonian temple bundled Bimpe and the three ladies into the temple. Aris, the chief lord of the temple was on the altar at that moment offering the virginal blood of a teenage girl on the altar of the ancient abomination of the Babylonians, the teenage girl whose virginity he had just taken was on the floor in obvious pain. Aris knew Bimpe very well. She had helped to recruit some of the temple virgins who worked in the temple of the order of Sora La pilis. He had to hasten up and go find out what was wrong with her when he saw her passing out blood and foaming in the mouth.

When Aris reached her, he circled around like a serpent trying to hypnotize a prey. Raising his right hand which had tattoos of Sora La pilis, he began to make incantations. Just seconds into the incantations he shouted in pain and staggered backward. “She has been offered as a sacrifice to strengthen a strong sex temple! There is only one way in which we can help her! She must have sex with the lord serpent of our order!” Aris, whose real name was Jide, had hardly finished making his statement when a snake, the size of an adult anaconda, slithered out of the hideous altar and made its way toward Bimpe. Bimpe who was already on the floor swung around without her consent and her legs parted of their own accord for the hellish beast which made its way toward her. The moment the beast slithered into her, she shrieked in pain and moments later, a passionate, lustful m0aned followed. “Sora La pilis shall break the curse over her and she shall from this day serve Sora,” Aris gloated. “Sir, how about these three ladies? They were also slept with by the same man. Can you help, please?” one of the servants of the enchantress asked. “Here we can do anything. If the ladies will agree to lease their bodies to Sora for a greater purpose and use, we will break the curse upon them. We are the greatest sex cult in the world. What was done to them is nothing to the power we serve,” Aris boasted as his hands ran all over the b-----s of one of the young harlot apprentices. “I don’t care what it takes sir, please do it!” the servant of the enchantress pleaded. Aris looked at the worn out ladies and they nodded to give their consent.

He twitched his ring-covered fingers at naked male and female temple servants and they grabbed the three ladies and took them into some inner chamber in the temple. Meanwhile Bimpe’s lustful m0an had heightened, leaving the present female temple servants longing to be part of the demonic exchange which went on between the snake and Bimpe. If Bimpe and the three ladies who came to the order of Sora La pilis for help, had known what it meant to have intercourse with the spiritual lord of the sex cult, they would have happily preferred to die without the help the cult offered.

07:40 pm, Eden Crest Suits

Mayo was still on the floor of his hotel room conjuring infernal powers he had served since his university days when he came to learn and joined the demonic order he worshiped through sex. Sadly, for Mayo, while he made his incantations to summon help from abyss, the enchantress who defiled his temple was in her shrine making incantations for his soul to be taken out of his body. It was a clash of vicious spirits on a mission from hell to destroy the souls of men. Mayo’s fight continued until late night when the spirits he served seemed to have prevailed. He staggered to his feet and went into the bathroom. Almost the entire floor of his hotel room was covered with blood. While he had his bath, the enchantress made her way to his hotel, watching his steadfastly in her mirror. She knew just what would finish off Mayo and she was coming with it.

When Mayo was done having his bath, he left his room for another one. In there he set up small statues of male and female sexual organs and began to bow before them in worship. If he could do that till the next day without interference from other counter cults, he just might survive the attack Bimpe unleashed on him. Before the statutes he knelt without his clothes on, muttering diabolical commands in hidden tongues. Once in awhile he would pause to wipe blood off his face, his ears and nostrils. When he heard a knock on his door, he wondered who it might be. No one knew where he was except the spirits he communed with. He managed to stand to his feet and went to get the door. He was hopping that whoever it was might be a hotel maid. He needed a young woman who was not connected to any sexual cult to complete his recovery ritual. When he opened the door, the enchantress stood before him with almost her pair of b-----s bulging out and her waist barely covered. “Sir, did you ask for a lady to keep your bed warm through the night?” the enchantress asked, making sure she displayed her weapons of destruction. Mayo was calmer than his usual self. “No, I did not. By the way why did you pick my room?” Mayo asked with a frail voice.

The enchantress moved closer and said, “I work here. This is how we make up for the little money they pay us. We often look for lonely men in our hotel to keep warm till morning. If you don’t have need for me, I will check the next door. I need to pay my landlord by morning,” the enchantress lied, hopping Mayo would take the bait. Mayo had not seen her before and so had no clue about what lay behind the succulent pair of b----t he could not take his eyes off. The lady took a step to walk away and Mayo grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room. When the enchantress saw the statues on the floor, she shouted and turned her back to them. Mayo had to cover them with his clothes and asked the enchantress to move over to the bed. She had no difficulty removing her clothes, she was as good as naked. Mayo climbed into the bed with her and sluggishly went into her and began to make some incantations. “What is that?” the enchantress asked pretending she had no clue about what Mayo was saying. “It is nothing. I say those words to increase my strength during sex,” Mayo lied. Moments into the sexual romp, Mayo’s skin began to break open as if someone was slicing through them with a razor. Mayo fought to break free from the enchantress but he was too weak. The enchantress held him to her body, riding him insanely while she made her own incantations. When Mayo heard the words from her lips he knew he had come to his end.

08:17 pm, Beachview Apartments

Hours had passed since Elizabeth had been with Pete. It was more like her sex day and it usually took a lot of rounds laden with violent thrusts to satisfy her appetite. Pete had to end the romp suddenly when his Airtel phone rang. He didn’t have to pick the call; the number only rang whenever there was a going to be a hit against him or against people close to him. One of his loyalists in Billy Sekwa’s camp was trying to get his attention that a hit had been sanctioned against him. He had to pull himself away from Elizabeth who was clearly not in the mood to end the sexual marathon they had been having for hours with occasional breaks. Pete knew he had to kill Elizabeth quickly as her father Billy had ordered. He was still thinking about how to do it without the image of it hunting him for life. Elizabeth had not only helped him since she picked him as her bed mate, but had been of immense help to his family. He was clearly in a dilemma; refusing to kill Elizabeth would mean Billy will have to come after him and it was a dreadful thing to have Billy Sekwa come after one.

While he thought through the situation he had on hand, Elizabeth joined him in the bath. One look at her told him all that was on her mind. She wanted more of him and would have it. She knew just how to turn Pete on and did not waste time to use it. A few minutes later the two of them were tangled with each other under the cascading water from the shower. While their orgy lasted, Pete thought it might be best to strangle Elizabeth to death pretending he was being overcome by an o----m. He grabbed her by the throat while viciously thrusting himself into her wide spread legs and began to choke her to death. Elizabeth fought to break free but Pete moved her head under the cascading water making it harder for her to breathe. In a last gasp effort to stay alive, Elizabeth reached for Pete’s male organ and pulled at it with all the strength she could muster; Pete screamed and let go of his hand around her neck. Such violence was often part of the depraved orgies they had. While Pete cried on the floor pretending he meant her no harm, Elizabeth staggered out of the bathroom coughing terribly. Pete wasn’t sure if she knew he meant to kill her. He was thinking his next move when Elizabeth returned to the bathroom.

He was expecting her to submit her body to him so they could continue from where they stopped, but she had returned for some other reason. The moment she staggered back into the room from the bath, gasping terribly for breath, an sms had crashed into her phone, someone in her father’s camp had sent her a text message. When she read it, she knew that what just happened in the bathroom was not Pete getting overly excited during sex, he meant to kill her. Pete didn’t see the kitchen knife she held very close to her butt0ckz, he stood up to take her into his arms and she plunged the knife straight into his heart. The pain of the blade driving into his heart was nerve racking. Without blinking, Elizabeth pulled out the knife and stabbed it repeatedly into Pete’s chest. Pete slumped to the floor bleeding profusely. She bent over and drove the knife one more time into his chest and left it there. She stood next to Pete and had her bath under the shower. When she was done, she left the shower running over Pete and went into the room. She knew more of her father’s assassins would be after her once they find Pete’s body. So she dressed quickly and let herself out of the room. Outside the hotel, she picked a taxi, leaving her car in the parking lot to give the impression she was still in the hotel.

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What fate awaits Bimpe now ?
Hmmm, Mayo Mayo !

Do you see him surviving this one ?

One word for Elizabeth…..

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