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deep secrets  - Season 1 - Episode 31
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10:14 pm, Idara Maxwell’s House

“Haven’t you held us long enough? When are you going to let us go?” Stanley took courage and asked Idara Maxwell. “The city is boiling; we have to wait for it to calm a bit before leaving here. This is a perfect time to kill one’s enemies. I wouldn’t want to die in the hands of a cheap assassin. I would like a professional to kill me if that is the way I would die,” Idara replied with a rare smile on her face. “You said we are leaving here, where are we going?” Eve asked. “I have finally figured out who might have the videos. I have as much interest in the videos as my sons, Maxwell and Jimmy did…” “And your granddaughter too,” Eve cut in. “Yes and my granddaughter. I often forget Annabel is my granddaughter.” “You don’t seem to like her, do you?” “You read me well right there. I don’t quite like her. At fourteen years of age she was already giving her grandfather a blow job. I mean my husband. Now you know why I killed my husband when he began to rant about my having Jimmy for another man. He was not in the position to complain about my life before we officially got married. At least I had enough sense to do it with a man outside the family, but the old Maxwell was so depraved he slept with his own granddaughter.”

“Phew! Immorality runs in your family like Niagara Falls,” Eve whispered. “I heard you Eve. You are right; immorality runs in the Maxwell’s family and that is why I want to get my hands on the videos. I don’t want the younger generation of the Maxwells to see them. Two of my sons died on account of the videos. When I have the videos I will go after those who made them. I have to protect the Maxwell’s family name.” “From what we have seen so far from the media, much of those who made the videos would be dead by the time you will have found the videos.” “If they are dead by then, I will have no option than to dig them up from their graves and kill them again.” Eve and Stanley couldn’t help laughing at the old woman’s comment, but she was d--n serious. She raised her right hand as though she was holding a gun and fired imaginary shots at Eve and Stanley. The two of them ducked as if she had a real gun. Their action was instinctive, they had seen what the old lady could do and would never take chance with her.


08:12 pm, The Order of Sora La pilis

Bimpe was enraptured in the most invading form of sexual pleasure she had known all her life and could not tell what actually happened when the snake went into her. When it was all over, the death which was squeezing the life out of her had been broken. On a good day the sight of the anaconda would have made her flee, but strangely, she felt a lustful passion for the creature. Her nightmare had only just begun. She had life back, but it was no longer her own. Sora La Pilis had taken over. The three ladies who were brought to the temple with her had also been revived in the same manner as Bimpe. They had life to live again, but what would follow in the next few hours, would make their fear of death pale in comparison to it. “You all have seen what kind of power we have here! We can do anything. You are free to go,” Aris boasted. He deliberately avoided telling them that their bodies had become part of the temple of Sora La Pilis. When the time would come, they would find out for themselves.

Bimpe was happy to have her life back. When she reached home she made good her words and signed cheques of twelve thousand dollars each for the three ladies. After the ladies had left, she turned her attention to her business with the enchantress. “Is Mayo dead?” she asked the enchantress over the phone. “I left him cold dead in his hotel room,” the enchantress replied. “You went to his hotel room?” Bimpe asked in shock. “I had to go finish him off. His incantations were bringing him back. However, he needed a fresh blood not tainted by any sex cult. When I saw that, I offered myself to him in disguise. Off course he took my offer…” “So he is dead, right?” “Bimpe relax, his soul is already burning in hell. When he went into me, the curse he thought had been broken returned in multiple fold. I made sure I kept him inside of me till he took his last breath. You don’t want to see what he looks like right now.” “Do you have any pictures I can see?” “Off course I do, but you have to send all my money right away before you can see all the pictures.” “Okay, give me a few minutes to send your money across,” Bimpe said as she stood up to go turn on her laptop.

Midway between her bed and the table in her bedroom, she felt an awful movement between her legs. She reached desperately for whatever it was. Shockingly, there was nothing in there she could see, but her two hands held a fat snake. She pulled at it as strong as she could, yelling at the top of her voice. As though it was all a dream, the whole event stopped abruptly. She sprang to her feet breathing heavily. Her entire body was shaking. She picked her phone which had fallen to the floor and called Aris, “Hello lord of Sora! An invisible snake just crawled up my led now!” “Did you resist it?!” “What do you mean by did I resist it? I was scared stiff! I had to fight off the beast! What do I do now?” “When Sora had sex with you, it deposited some power in you. That power is what is keeping you alive, Bimpe. Sora can crawl up your legs a thousand times in a day. He owns you now. When next he comes please let him have his way.” “What did you just say, Aris? When I came to you for help, I had no intension for you to make things worse for me! Please in God’s name, recall your snake! I don’t…” “Don’t call God in my ears ever again! There is no God but Sora!” Aris yelled over the phone. His voice was beastly. It shook Bimpe and she threw her phone away.

Bimpe could have sworn she had heard the voice of Satan himself. For no reason she felt drawn to the bible on her table. Next to it was a framed picture of Jesus. They were mere religious relics she bought some eight years ago when she visited Jerusalem to express her nominal Christian faith. Her right hand had hardly touched the bible when she felt the full strength of Sora moving into her virginal carnal like a lose speed train. This time there was no pleasure to it. It was a warning from Aris to submit or be destroyed. “Jesus! Lord Jesus!!” Bimpe shouted at the top of her voice before she hit the floor and her skull cracked open on impact with the tiled floor. In her heavy fall, her hand had dragged the framed picture of Jesus with her. Next to her, the image lay. As blood gushed from her open skull, she fixed her gaze on it, and all she could think of was the love of the man in the picture for her. Against her hard heart, she began to mumble confessions of her sins. With that, the invisible serpent went wild and began to devour her virginal carnal with monstrous rage. Within seconds, Bimpe saw herself floating toward the ceiling in a dazzling white robe, beneath her feet was her body like a mass of horned reptilian beast. As she floated higher, a flood of glorious light filled her room. Joy, indescribable filled her heart. Songs she could not tell how she learnt broke out of her tongue. The beast which had taken full possession of her body fled. Bimpe was found days later with a swarm flies feasting on her putrefying body in her bedroom. She had since gone to glory.

12:40 pm, Eden Crest Suits

It took a while before the management at Eden Crest Suits took notice that someone in their hotel was dead. When flies had begun to buzz around the room in which Mayo’s corps lay, they had to force the door open to find out what was attracting them to the room. What they met was the mangled body of an adult man and some horrifying images of male and female sexual organs on the floor. While the enchantress held Mayo down on the bed and forced her body on him, he had tried his best to fight back. However, the enchantress had used her dark magic to keep his male organ erect and kept riding him till the last drain of strength and life in him were gone. The more she rode Mayo, the more the dark powers which invaded his temple when it was defiled, attacked his body. Mayo was a strong man, but giving what he had experienced earlier, and the sort of powers, the enchantress had brought against him, he stood no chance at surviving what came after him. He did his best to fight his way off the bed and uncovered the sexual images which connected him to the powers he served.

However, the enchantress had an answer for that as well. She shut her eyes refusing to look at the images while making sure she kept Mayo’s male organ inside of her. She had come prepared. She knew quite well that looking at the images would have weakened her. Even after Mayo had died. She still refused to look at those images. She took pictures of Mayo’s body with her phone and hurried out of the hotel wearing absolutely nothing. With what lay at the floor of their hotel room, the hotel management had to invite the police before Mayo’s body could be moved away. When the police found out that Mayo was amongst the names mentions in connection to the scandalous videos causing problem all over the city and the nation, they explained his death as one of the victims of the violent demonstrations rocking their nation at that time.

07:30 am, Idara Maxwell’s House

Eve and Stanley were in the room where they were being held. On a large costly bed, the two of them lay curdled up in each other’s arm. Stanley was hoping that he would use the night to make love to his wife who he was yet to make love to. It had been harrowing since the night of their wedding. All his romantic plans for the night were dashed, when Eve overheard Idara mentioning her mother’s name to someone over the phone. Both Eve and Stanley had not had the time to reach their parents and siblings to let them know they were still alive. They were sure both their families must have dug graves for them and possibly buried their clothes in place of them. “What does she want with my mother? She is going to hurt her to make us give her videos we don’t even have?” Eve asked as she shook terribly. Stanley held her in his hands and for once, they knelt down to pray for help. All that night they kept awake wondering what would happen in the morning.

A gentle knock on the door startled them to their feet. Stanley went to get the door and Eve stuck to him as though she would stop breathing if he left her for a second. Her eyes were teary and red. She had not slept a wink. All through the night, she imagined all sorts of scenarios which could play out in the morning. Stanley had to turn and gave her a peck on the lips to assure her all would turn out right. However, it did not give Eve the comfort she sought. Stanley opened the door and found a male domestic assistant standing before their door and smiling broadly. “My lady wants the both of you to join her at the dining table.” Stanley looked at Eve and nodded at her for them to go see the fearsome Idara Maxwell. Already they had brushed and had their bath in readiness for what the day might bring. Stanley though had to brush Eve’s teeth and bathed her because she was so terrified she concluded her mother was going to die that day.

At the dining, Idara had a rare smile on her face. She cut the impression of a woman who had found a long lost lover. “Sit down and eat. It is a good day to do business,” she said with a ring of joy in her heart. Stanley sat down and Eve moved closer to him and refused to sit. She looked like she had seen a monster. “What is the problem Eve? I put you two in a room I often use. I expected you to be smiling this morning. Don’t tell me Stanley could not make a steamy love to you all through the night.” Eve opened her mouth to tell her what she knew, but decided against it. “She is not feeling fine,” Stanley said, making excuse for Eve’s sullen look. “Then we will have to go see a doctor before we go pick up the videos. I think I have found them,” Idara said with rapturous joy in her heart. “Are you serious? Have you really found them?” Stanley asked. “Yes I have found the videos. Eat! Eat! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. We should be celebrating right now… Okay, maybe that should wait till I have the videos.”

“Where are the videos? Who has them?” Eve asked with keen interest. “Your mother, Helen. She was the one who signed those papers Baribote was flying in your faces.” Eve and Stanley felt the ground move under their feet. The dining suddenly became small and the cold air in it seemed to burn like the desert wind. For what seemed like forever, Eve and Stanley looked at each other in disbelief. “If you speak the truth indeed, then how on earth did Eve’s mother get her hands on the videos. She is a good woman!” “Yes, she is. I doubt she knows what the parcel she received for her daughter contains…” “But the DHL document showing I received the videos, has my signature on it!” Eve cut in, desperately trying to figure out how her mother got the videos. “When the Helmsman obtained for me the document showing you received the videos. I decided to focus my attention on those who can forge your signature perfectly,” she paused Obviously proud of her achievement.

“You know I am Russian trained,” she boasted. “My investigation led me to your mother. I sent you three parcels using her address and she signed all of them on your behalf; perfectly signing your signature each time. I knew then she had to be the one who signed the document when she received the videos. I also found out that the document Baribote was carrying about was fake. It has your present address, but the original one bears your mother’s address. My son Jimmy must have known your mother can sign your signature and he mailed the original videos to her using your name and then paid the DHL delivery man to switch the documents. While others were chasing you and your husband for the videos, I was busy looking for who forged your signature. Now you know how I found the videos. Let us pray, the Helmsman did not sell bits of this information to Elizabeth Sekwa, her father Billy or the others in the videos. He was making a lot of money selling the information he got from you two. If he did, then your mother and your entire family are in grave danger. However, last night when I sent my men to keep their eyes on your family members, they did not see anything showing someone else knows your mother might be in possession of the videos,” She continued.

To be continued !


Almighty Mayo and Bimpe finally down,
who is next ?

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