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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 10
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“You mean you didn’t throw up since yesterday? come let’s go outside” and I helped her up, on our way out we passed buy the guys who were so engrossed in their dumb discussion, they didn’t even pay attention to us. I was angry.

we went to the shrubs and Felicia did her business,I held her hair up for her. The guys came out to join us shortly.

“ah Felicia, se o ti loyun ni?”,
Peter joked.

” shut up, the least you could have done was make coffee for her, you knew she was hungover. you’re here make stupi.d jokes”.
I snapped at peter.

“damn! peter, you attack my girl for dream?”
Bayo chuckled tried to put his hand around my waist but I pushed it away.
by now, Felicia was done throwing up and headed inside by herself, obviously she felt better. We all went inside.

I went into the kitchen and saw Peter fumbling with the coffee machine, he had his back to me and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I stood directly behind him God! I wanted to touch his bare body, wrap my arms around him.

“Is it ready?”
I asked, overcoming Satan.

“nah, a couple minutes more”
, he answered not looking back at me, like I didn’t even matter.

I leaned on the counter beside him, why was I standing in the kitchen there with him when I could have left and returned later to get the coffee? dunno.

finally he turned around, stood right in front of me, looked me in the eyes and then sighed.
” so, you gonna tell me why you talked to me like that outside?”. He came closer to me, so close I could feel his body heat, but our bodies didn’t touch.

“you are a bad host, that’s why”,
I replied, and crossed my arms, it was the only way I figured I could keep myself from reaching out and touching him.

” You sure that’s all, hmm?”,
he raised a brow.

No, that wasn’t all,I was angry because I wanted to just ride his big black d.ick but couldn’t because I didn’t want to be a bad person. and I hated the fact that I even wanted to fvck him.

I bit my lip and made to leave the kitchen but he blocked me by placing both his hands on the counter I was leaning on, barricading me.

“Diana. don’t fight it”
. peter said. looking into my eyes.

I responded by placing my right hand on his chest, my fingers found his nip.ple and I teased it. He brought his head down and kissed me on the lips. lightly.

I kissed him back, arms around his neck, and then we heard footsteps. we disengaged quickly and he went back to fumbling with the machine. My heart was racing. Here I am, stealing kisses from my Friend’s guy. lol. smh.
Bayo walked and I could have sworn he had a smirk on his lips. I felt awkward and immediately walked out and went to the room, my room.

I collapsed on the bed. Feeling…..dunno how I was feeling.

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