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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I took an anger induced nap, and when I woke, it was past noon and I was hungry. Who was I going to meet to get me food now, guilty conscience won’t even let me look Felicia in the eyes, Bayo and Peter were such jerks.

I went to the kitchen hoping I wouldn’t bump into anyone- i didn’t. I searched the kitchen cabinets and fridge for anything at all and found noodles! yay! my least favorite food in the world.

I sha went on to cook it, put it in the pot and turned on the gas, I left the kitchen and went to my room while it cook, went back to the kitchen moments later and opened the pot.

lol, I noticed some “thyme like” substance floating in my noodles. I was perplexed, I picked up the noodle wrapper to see what flavour it was- it was the regular chicken flavour now, so what was all that stuff.

I went to the living room where Felicia and Bayo were seated, talking.

“Yo, did anyone add anything to the noodles I am cooking”, I asked with a chuckle cos I found it funny, dunno why.
they both look at me and said something like what simultaneously.

” I dunno what it is, Felicia come and see”, I answered.

Felicia got up and followed me to the kitchen, I showed it to her.

“Is it thyme?”
she asked, not sure herself”

“I dunno now, what sort of thing is this sef”,
I was giggling, twas still funny. would someone try to poison me or what? of yes, to what end?

” wait o, this is weed o”, Felicia exclaimed and started laughing.

“are you for real?!”, I looked into the pot so closely as if I would see “WEED” written in the pot.

“weed ke, who put it there”,
I asked. of course she didn’t know.

” its just weed, no big deal, eat and be happy”. Felicia didn’t hide the sarcasm in her voice. she laughed as she left the kitchen.
I pondered for a moment what to do with the food. I decided I was gon eat it. whoever put weed in there was an though. I plated the food and was about carrying it out to the room when the guy I had seen the other night in the living room, came into the kitchen.

He was startled to see me but managed to mutter a “hello” as I walked out. I ate my food in the comfort of my room, I finished and was expecting that I would start seeing double or something. lol. for where. I had never ingested weed, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I was sooo ready to get out of this house and back to school, certain Felicia was ready too. I needed to ask her when we would be leaving so I braced myself and went looking for her.

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