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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Peter wasn’t smiling when he introduced us but, what do I care, I was there to make him as uncomfortable as I possibly could.

“Tosin, nice to meet you”, I said, smiling like kilode. aftereffects of the weed I guess. I walked right to her, blocking Peter who was now standing behind me, and held out my hand for a handshake which she took and held firmly.

I got a good view of her face now, she was pretty (not as pretty as me though *flips hair*). She had the kind if eyes that narrowed whenever she smiled, dark long lashes, full lips. She was busty too, I’m talking a 36D or probably double DD. she wore a black fancy dress with embellishments around the plunging neckline, so it was easy to notice her ample cleavage. looking at her, I figured we were either agemates, or she was a year or two older, max.

“nice to meet you too”wanne responded. her voice was surprisingly soft.
I noticed the small weekend luggage on the floor so I asked. “do you live around?”
“no, I live in *****, just here for the break”.
she answered.

” OK, that’s cool. I’m here for the weekend, leaving tomorrow though”.
I sat down beside her, not closely sha. Peter was still doing whatever with the DVD player.

***awkward silence***

“come, peter, what are you even doing. is the thing not working? put on the decoder instead now”.
I said to peter.

“sub expired last night, wanna play a movie”. he was exasperated.

“oh, okay”. Just as I said that, the TV screen came to life and some dumb as.s movie started playing.

Peter turned to us and smiled awkwardly, he picked up her weekend bag.

” I’ll be right back”
, he said and he took the bag to him room.

“what’s the name of the weavon you’re wearing?”
, Tosin asked, smiling of course.

” its pro10, you like?”
, i smiled and ran my fingers through my hair, like I just realized I had it on.

“its really nice, looks just like human hair. can I feel it?”. Her fingers were already in my hair before I could give a go ahead. “and its so soft”.

” You two are already besties”.
Peter spoke really loud as he entered the living room.

Tosin and I giggled. I got up to my feet. “nice to meet you Tosin” I said and left the living room to them.

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