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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 2
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I sat on a couch and Bayo came to sit with me, we started the normal normal gist and he was quite nice to talk to. We went out to get a late lunch and by the time we got back in, it was around 7 cos the guys decided to drive aimlessly for a bit.

with a bottle of henessy and bottles of coke in hand, we thought it was time to have a little fun!!

Peter suggested we played a game of truth or dare, I had never played it tho, but agreed after Peter explained to me how it worked.

we sat on the floor with a lush rug covering, shot glasses were made available by our hosts. I was ready mehn!!

“Peter, can I talk to you for a minute pls?”,
Felicia said as she knelt behind P with an arm around his chest.

I looked at her and smiled knowingly- she was about to tell him she was on her period. heheheheh

while Bayo and i awaited their return, i took off his glasses from his face without asking and tried it on, Alas, it was shakormended, i actually thought it was recommended o, lol

” ah! I though this were like real nerd glasses Bayo, you were deceiving me fah! I’m taking this glasses o”
I said to him, he laughed and said

“take it, now I have a reason to come see you after you leave, I’ll tell you I want to come collect my glasses”

I leaned in close to him and said “you don’t need to have a reason, just come” and I winked at him. dunno who made the move but we found ourselves kissing after that. he was a good kisser.

Felicia and Peter returned from the bedroom and Peter’s voice alerted us “nawa o, game never start sef, you guys are already playing”

“that’s just a warm up, let the games begin”
I said as I gave Bayo’s lower lip one last lick with the tip of my tongue. he seemed a little shy when I did that, or was he?

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