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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 3
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we threw a dice to know who would ask the first question or first dare, it fell on my friend Felicia.

all eyes were on her now, then she spoke, “Diana, truth or dare”
I smiled and answered, “truth bit.CH”
“who was the first guy you gave head?”

and I answered after thinking for ten secs “shola”

it was Peter’s turn and he asked his friend Bayo to choose, Bayo chose a dare.

“I dare you to lick Diana’s left Tip for 10secs”
Peter said with his eyes locked on mine.

I pulled my top down, eyes still locked on Peter, Bayo who as seated just beside me brought his head down and I felt his hot tongue encircle my Tip- eyes still on Peter. Bayo’s tongue worked on me so well, I didn’t realise when I threw my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling he was bringing to me.

fvck no one was counting!!

“ahhhh, ten seconds Don pass now”
Felicia screamed as she pulled Bayo from my bre.last, laughing”

I was brought back to my senses and asked amidst laughter “why weren’t you counting Felicia?! you’re supposed to be my friend o”

Felicia just Yimu and turned her face away, smiling.

* i forgot to explain, the rules of the game stated we each had 3dares and 3truths.*
it got to Bayo’s turn to ask and he chose me. “lady Diana, truth or dare”, I chose dare.

” I dare to you to kiss Peter”

I looked at him to be sue it wasn’t a joke, but he was serious, he had his eyebrows raise like “yes, I said it, kiss him”

I looked at Felicia and she said “if u can’t do it, drink”

I wanted to do it, I wanted to kiss him, he had full pink lips that were so inviting.

I sighed and said “all for the game” as I got on my knees and knelt towards Peter, he wasn’t smiling, you know that look a guy gives when a girl is about to get on top of them and ride their d,ick??? sorry I dunno how else to explain the look.

well, we looked into each other’s eyes as we locked lips, then our eyes closed and we let the moment take us away. I didn’t wanna send the wrong msg to my friend Felicia so I pulled away after About 10secs. Peter looked into my eyes and bit his lip.

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