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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 5
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” what do you want from me now”. He asked worry in his voice.

“First, I want my name on the list. And because you’ve made me go through alot, you will be paying the sum of twenty thousand naira into my account”. I reply with a crooked smile on my face.

“You bastard,i promise to try every of my possible best to include your name among the one’s that will be shortlisted”.

“But don’t expect a dime from, I won’t let you turn me into your non-working company, where I will be paying your salary, without you doing nothing for me”.
He replied.

“I was expecting you would say that. Today is your lucky day dear because i came prepared”.

I walk towards the bed, and bend down to pick something from my bag which I had tossed on the bed. Then made for the dvd player,switch the t.v on and also insert a disk.

“I don’t have the time to watch some silly movies girl,so I believe we have come to an agreement.”.

“Only the name on the list and forget about your so-called monthly salary”.
He made for the door and I have to grab him by the shoulder to draw his attention to what is been shown on the television.

“I think you should think again Mr Man, or else you will regret the moment you walk out on me”.

He turned to look at the video I made the first day we had S£x in his house, he nodded and gave me a puzzle look.

“I believe if I show this to your wife, then you will loose more than my nice [email protected]”.

“And of course, your wife will sue you for divorce and make away with almost all your money,and I believe I will be prompt to charge you for Sekxual assault. ”

he spat.

He pace the room for a while thinking on his situation, before he went on his kneel.

“Pls, I didn’t realise I was walking into a trap when I first ask for something from you in return for your name to be among the scholarship list”.

“I promise to give you everything you want, but the montly payment should only last for a year”.
he pleaded.

“You will give me time to think about this,maybe after I’ve been given letter for my scholarship, then we can renegotiate “.

I left him in the hotel room b didn’t leave without collecting twenty thousand from him,claiming it to be me and my accomplice transport fare.

I got to the reception to see charles flirting with the plumpy receptionist. Told him we are through and we left the hotel. When we get to Charles house, I brought out the 20k I collected and gave him according to the agreed percentage of 75 and 25.

He smiled at me after pocketing his 15k, and wanted to make advance at me.

“You do know that I’m being underpay for the services I render”
. He stated.

“I believe the punna you have been yanshing have cover for the rest. And besides that’s the percentage we both agreed on”

“Okay, let me just taste on last time from the honeypot”.

“Then the rest of the disks will be the payment for this [email protected] you want to drill”

He agreed and we had three rounds of hot S£x, before I left his house he pack all the disk for me and gave me the memory card that the real videos was saved on.

What I kept from him on the whole deal was that if everything goes according to plan, a sum of 30k will be credited into my account every month. Well at least for a year or so.

The following week, I received a letter by the scholarship board that my name has been shorlisted and I’m to attend OAU for any choice of course. I called Mr Adekunle to thank him for his assistance and also agree that he will be paying 40k into my account for the next 6months.

I broke the news to my parent that I’ve won gain admission into OAU to study account. I withheld the information that it came with a scholarship, hoping that in the near future, the little they can do away with will be appreciated.
Preparation was made, the little my parent could afford was pack and I also buy some clothes and other necessity with the money Mr Adekunle sent. I finish my registration with a little of stress and was waiting for lecture to start in two weeks time. That was when I meet two important people in my life.

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