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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 6
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The night was going really good so far. Felicia is a lil less adventurous than me, she had had about 3 shots of henessy and was drunk, I had been dared to do stuff too which I turned down and took my drink instead- like having Peter finger me.

At a point we were all Unclad, sitting and lying on the floor, we just let everything go when the drinks had gotten way into our heads. Dunno who dared Bayo to have S£x with me, I was a little hesitant at first but I figured it was something that was gonna happen any ways…and I really wanted him.

He kissed me so passionately and played with my hard and pointy nippl£ between his index finger and thumb, I was lifting my hips against his, I could feel his dic.k pressing against my wet puss.y. like, I was so wet and slippery that he started sliding his dic.k up and down my puss.y with ease, stimulating my cl!t and I was clean shaven too. Then his mouth went down to my nipp.le and I went crazy, his hips kept moving and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I spread my legs wider and he got the message, his hand went down to his dic.k and he guided it home.

he groaned and whispered in my ear, “ babe, you’re so wet”.

his wasn’t so big, well, not as big as Peter’s as I was gonna find out that later that night.

While Bayo fu.cked me, I turned my head to see my friend and Peter still in the room, she was sU-Ckinh his d!ck like d bad bit.CH that she is. they couldn’t fuc.k, aunt flo was around.

I turned my focus to the man above me, fuc.k! he was about to bust his nuts, it wasn’t even up to 3minutes!! he withdrew and spilled his jizz in his hand. I was mad but I didn’t show it.
he came at me with all that ” its been long I straffed shi.t, I had to much to drink shi.t, ur puss.y was just to wet and tight shi.t”. I rolled my eyes and got up to my feet, bent down to pick my clothes and headed for the door.

“Felicia, I’m going o, anything for your girl?”
I said, not waiting for a reply.

I was at the door to my room when I turned around to Find Bayo walking towards me, still nak.ed and hard! I looked down at his and smiled at him, he smiled back. I loved his smile.
we got inside the room and I threw my clothes on the floor, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me, his tongue explored my mouth and I returned the favour. his hands caressed my back, down to my as.s, he gave it a good sq££ze and groaned. he lifted me off the floor and I straddled him, hands around his neck, ni.pples against his bare chest. he walked to the bed and la!d me down gently and then he withdrew his lips from mine, he looked me in the eyes and smiled and then went down. oh yes! he wanted to eat me up!
now, I’m not gon lie, Nigerian guys are the worst when it comes to cunnilingus. y’all sU-Ck big time. Bayo sU-Cked at it too.

I couldn’t stand it anymore so I pulled him back up.

“did you enjoy that?”
he asked.

I said and I had to nod, cos I’m sure the “hmmhm” was not convincing enough.

I rolled him over and got on top of him and kissed him. then I went down to his nippl.e. he had pointy and I loved it. I teased it with my tongue and he let out a m0an. I wanted to please him so well, I went down to his, I started bu licking off his salty pre-Pour with the tip of my tongue then I went back up and kissed him tongue first, letting him taste himself. he responded hungrily, sU-Cking on my tongue.

I made my mouth back to his throbbing dic.k, making sure my mouth was real wet, I took the head of his dic.k in my mouth and sU-Cked on it lightly.

“ahhh fuc.k”
, Bayo whispered loud enough for me to hear.

that was my cue to take the whole length of his in and I did. I built a steady tempo and Bayo held my head with his hands, urging me on, raising his hips. I didn’t want him to bust it so I stopped.

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