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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my friend standing at the door, it was dark so I couldn’t make out the expression on her face.

Now, I swear I thought she was okay with me shagging Peter, I mean, she knew he came to me right? they weren’t dating or anything.
Peter put his di.cck inside of me, my stretched to accommodate his big c.occk. There’s noting as good as a big d!ck in a wet p.usy.

“sh!t Peter, you’re huge”
I said as he fvcked me missionary.

And then Felicia left the room, and it occurred to me that she probably wasn’t cool with it.
“wait wait wait, Peter chill, get up”, I said, withdrawing from him.

” what?” Peter asked, voice husky.

“I don’t think Felicia is okay with this mehn, she just left”.

” she’s okay jor”
, he replied impatiently.

“She’s not, let me go talk to her”, I said and made to get up, but Peter stopped me.

” I’ll go, let me talk to her”,
and Peter stood up and left the room.

he came back a moment later and said. “she’s cool with it”. He tried to continue what we had started but I just wanted to talk to my friend myself.

” Abeg, I wanna hear it myself”
. I got up and went to the room Where the game had started to find Felicia.

I opened the door gently and poke my head to see Felicia sitting on the bed, then I went in.

“Diana relax, relax, we are all drunk, its allowed, no problem”
, F said, obviously drunk. she smiled weakly as she spoke.
I didn’t even say a word to her, I left her and made my way back to my room, where two horny guys were waiting for me.

I entered and found Peter standing and resting his back on the wall, while Bayo was in the bathroom.

” Peter,please go to your room”.
I said and walked past him, but he pulled me back by the hand and held me by the waist.

“what did she say, I told you she was okay”
he said.

“dude, that drunk person there is okay to you abi? leave me please”.
I released myself from his grip and went to straight to the bathroom where Bayo was bathing.

I was feeling a little bad, I knew my friend was just drunk and didn’t know what she was saying, she wasn’t cool with me having S£x with Peter. I knew from the moment she walked out of the room.

Bayo and I showered together, no, we didn’t have bathroom S£x.

We went to bed shortly after, chatted a bit and slept.

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