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Diana Loves To Be Naughty - Season 1 - Episode 9
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I am one of those who find it hard to sleep when they are in a new environment, I kept tossing and turning while Bayo slept soundly. Also, when I’m spending the night with a new guy, there are plenty other things I’d rather do than sleep, if u know what I mean?

I started using body to touch Bayo(we slept na.ked), hoping he’d wake up. At a point he la!d on his side, facing me, so I turned and had my back to him. I pressed my as.s to his groin and brought his hand to my breas.t, my nipp.les were hard too.

a moment later, Bayo started squeezing my and kissing my neck. Bobo was awake. I m0aned as he played with my booobies- my weak point. I felt his c.ock stiffen against my as.s so I adjusted to allow his d.ick free acess to my already wet hole.

with my hand I guided his rod into me, and he fvcked me ever so gently and slowly to. Ladies can attest to this, spooning is bae. Gosh, my head wanted to bust! the Fvck was going so good. From spooning, we went into and he hit me so hard I’m sure everyone in the house heard me. And then we went into sleeping dog where the lady lays flat on her tummy and the guy fvcks from behind.
and I had the sweetest org,asm, and Bayo came too.

“why did you wake me up?”
B chuckled as he lay spent on the bed.

“cos your girl needs to fvck” I replied.

Bayo went to sleep immediately after and I managed to get some to.

I woke up the following morning at about 7 but didn’t find Bayo in the room. I put some clothes on and went to the living room where I found Bayo, Peter and some other guy who had obviously spent the night talking guy talk.

“Good morning”
I said and sat on a sofa.

“Morning, did u sleep well?”
Peter replied, smiling one kind of smile that I didn’t understand.

“yea, Felicia is still in bed?” I asked Peter

“did you see how much she drank last night?” he said.

I got up and went to check on Felicia, I entered her room without knocking. I found her sitting on the floor, bent over….hung over.

“Felicia, how are you feeling?”
I asked, knowing very well she wasn’t good at all.

“I need to throw up mehn”,
Felicia answered.

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