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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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So I got disvirgined @ 22, almost 10 years agao (2004). A few months passed by uneventful.

I couldn’t sustain Ify’s relationship demands. I was a stud and I had little time left. It’ll be so sad to use up that time with just one chica. I called it quits with her and set out. I made friends with a guy in my area, Bayo.

Guy has a hearing problem.

U need to shout 4him to hear.

We were a duo of misfits.
He was deaf, and I was just marking time. Bayo is a player, he taught Me to use my weakness as my strenght. He could get any girl he wanted despite his challenges and he set me on that path too. So we began to explore higher institutions around us with my ride. We got an easy score; a Federal College of Education. Mhen, if ua driving a bicycle, u’ll get more girls than u wanted in that school and so I hooked up with Mariam, a fair in complexion, big breasted, flat tummy, small butt0ckz, girl. She formed hard to get initially. Girl wanted a husband, I wanted a S£x partner. She wanted a ring, I wanted a hole…

And so came that fateful day, after assuring Mariam that ‘m head over heels in love, we started dating. In my mind, I dey scheme when u go unleash, in her mind, she dey dream the perfect husband, not minding the genotype. I educated her about me and told her that all I needed was her unconditional love topped up with S£x, and on this fateful day, she came… We were in my room, all cleaned up.

Brian Mcknight doing his thing on the stereo. Air freshener sprinkled on the bed and around. Curtains drawn giving the room a cool and sweet smelling arena. We perched on the bed whispering sweet nothings.

” I love u so much” “I’m gonna marry u” ” I will pay ur school fees” ” don’t worry, I’ll get u a new apartment” but in my mind, I’m like “Girl, u don enter one chance”

We both knew what was up.

I drew her close to me, started rubbing her laps, I pulled her head closer, nibbled @ her ears, I slid my tongue down her neck and heard her m0an, and it was game on.

My mouth traveled down her chest, tracked out her huge breasts with my hands, removed her shirt, unburdened her b0s0m out of the bra cups. I unclasped the bra hook, threw it on the floor. I held the b0s0m in my hands and shoved the left one into my mouth and started sU-Cking while with the other hand started smooching it. She m0aned and whispered “Lummy, take me pls.” But I wasn’t in a hurry.

I got a business to do and I got to see how far I can go.

JT urged me to enter full on but I told it ” Down boy, u gotta wait”.

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