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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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We la!d there each lost in thoughts peculiar to each one of us. I never cared for what was in Mariam’s head, prolly hailing herself for a job well done. I on the other hand commended my prowess. I went back to ocassions when I’ve been abused with words like “this guy is SS, I wonder if he’ll be able to do” ” he must be impotent or don’t u know genotype affects ur S£x prowess ” I felt fulfilled, then I decided to seek out an ex of mine who had made such statement in time past. I knew I may not be able to get to Tola (the ex) but I can get to Dolapo (her friend). When I’m through with Dolapo, Tola will definitely eat her words. Mariam slept soundly, and when she woke up, we gisted, ate and she left with promises. Promises which I’ve never kept till now. Regrets? None @ least for now. And so I began 2scheme; how do I get Dolapo? Activating thinking cap…

So I put Dolapo on my radar and set out. A visit or two will rekindle our friendship.

Everybody had gone separate ways when Tola and I broke up. I’ve finished service year, sitting for ICAN exams, so I had small time on my hands. A few people had GSM then, so if u need to make contact, its either u visit or write a letter. This saturday, I went out with Bayo, my deaf friend. On entering the junction to my street, Lo and behold, I saw Dolapo looking all Sekxy and clean. I depressed the brake and parked, got down and with a big smile pulled Dolapo into my arms and gave her a bear hug. Bayo will always say in a high pitched tone (u know say if ua deaf, u’ll have a need to always speak louder than everyone else) “Give a babe the offense, let her be surprised @ ur 1st move. Do that and she’ll let her guard down” Dolapo returned the hug and looked @ me “Lummy, where have u been” “I’ve been around, so so” “what u doing now? “She asked. “Nothing, just thru with service, writing ICAN” I answered, holding her hands, smiling. She looked into my eyes, probably wondering if this is the former Lummy she knew then she voiced it “ What happened to u? Ua not the shy boy I used to know” In my mind, I said “right on,babe” but I said “yes ua right, I just grew up really” We talked briefly then I introduced to Bayo. We fixed a date for the next day and the stage was set…

The next day being Sunday, I went to church, from church to ICAN tutorial class for lectures, but trust me, not a word said in the church and in class was sinking. I was all about putting my moves on Dolapo. I could remember that she took me as a friend when Tola broke up with me, she talked, did her best to cheer me, bought me small gifts just 4me to know that life is worth living. I thanked her inwardly. Kinda made me feel guilty that I want 2use her to get to Tola but my animal mind kicked in.

She needs to know. Classes ended and I headed for Dolapo’s house. I tried to play in gently. We gisted, recanted school life, relationships, I asked her about Tola and was told she’s still around in the state and that they still r best of friends. I needed the info cos it gave me assurance that if I succeeded bleeping Dolapo, Tola is definitely gonna find out. The date went to a close with no issue and we agreed to go on another, this time @ my house the next weekend.

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