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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I wasted no time. I inserted my fingers, played around the [email protected] walls. I felt her snap. She was wet instantly. I pushed the finger further, she lifted her waist to receive it. I tried two fingers but she flinched and I slowed down. I removed my fingers and went down on her. I pleasured her with my tongue, licking the walls. I settled on the libia, pulled @ them with my teeth, she shivered and m0aned. I began stroking her cl!t with the tip of my tongue and the m0ans increased a notch. She was wet all over. Her thighs were glistering and moist already with [email protected] juice. She was freshly disvirgined and she wanted more. I didn’t hesitate, I gave JT the order. JT pressed all the way down in the midst of groans and m0ans, she held my head and sq££zed me tight to her, she raked my Unclad back with sharp nails, which did more to fasten my pace. I was thrusting harder now with careless abandon. She grabbed my butt and held on tightly. One look on a face confirmed one thing “I’ve made a S£x goddess out of this girl” we moved on together in hard, slow, fast, teasing rythm. She was loving it and was jeering me on “Yes, Oh God!!! I love it!! Dig it!!!” She begged me “Lummy pls don’t stop” “pls don’t stop” Stop ke! I wasn’t stopping oooo. Dis time, I must come. I had to make up for yesterday.

I increased the pace and made the thrust slower but deeper, every dive made a point. JT felt it 1st, a flow of milky fluid snaked down her thighs, JT accelerated and dove again. This time, it hit the mark.

She screamed “Ahh, that’s it. I love u, I love it. Ohh GOD!!! Jesus! Jesus!” For the 1st time in my life I saw a girl Pour. Her whole body shook convulsively, she arched back, flung her legs and pleasure reeked her every body cells. I didn’t stop cos I knew I was coming next, and within seconds, I shot my load on her and collapsed on top her. We la!d on the soft bed, spent and tired. Barry White still dishing out his slow ryhmes on the stereo…

We la!d there each in thoughts, I was well on the wayward path, but I couldn’t care less. I’d been abused, derided, shoved aside, and abandoned for a long time and I saw S£x as a way of releasing the accumulated tension. Luckily, it grew on me and gradually became a hobby. I could do to girls what normal men wouldn’t do. I was made to last longer. I was made to please. Kenny squirmed under me, still sleeping, her breathing came in slows. She shifted her waist backward. JT was still in her [email protected] btw, not working but just savoring the wetness. She m0aned, drew her legs in and pushed my butt closer and bear hugged me. We were like that for a few minutes before I heard the car horn. Damn! Daddy and Mom were back from church. And everything scattered

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