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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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Thank God Kenny came wearing a gown.

She just upped from the bed and shoved the cloth into her head and she was ready. I quickly got into my jeans, took her by the hand and led her to the backyard. Luckily we had a back gate to our compound. I eased her out through there, told her I’ll see in Mom’s school the next day which is a Monday. I’m sure Mom will not be pleased to know I’m bleeping one of her teachers. I didn’t want her to be linked with me either, girl was ugly. She was lucky to be fair in complexion, if she had been dark, it’ll have been a nightmare for her, guy-wise. Even warriors too have standards. She escaped neatly. I rushed to the front to let the folks in and acted like everything was normal. Got back to my room, and I found Kenny’s [email protected] looking @ me on the floor.

Kenny and I saw regularly, we bleeped ofcus, in regular places like my room, her house, also in odd place, 2ce in my car, thrice in the staff room on a saturday after teacher’s meeting. I was in charge of running the school in the meantime till when results came out. Waiting for ICAN results can be killing. I’ve had relative successes with it and I couldn’t bear to fail @ this time. I was on my way to qualifying this time. In other not to dwell too much on ICAN, I worked tirelessly @ the school and engaged Kenny as my S£x therapist. The holy girl was gone and in its place was a S£x maniac. Forget her ugliness now or her style of dressing. Her [email protected] was tight and always ready for me. Trust me to put it to gud use…

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