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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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Fast forward… Results came out and I passed in flying colours. I had qualified. Newest ACA in town. My folks were all elated. Congratulatory messages passed here and there. It was celebration galore. My Dad especially was in tears of joy. I could remember when he told me to drop ICAN and do something else after one crazy episode. I fell ill a day to my P.E 1 exams. It was so serious that I had to be tranfused in haste. I was high on pain killers and I had to write. Just to say, I passed two papers and failed two. He refused to allow me sit for the two the next 6 months, saying that ICAN will kill me with its stress. I fought the opinion. It was my dream and I don’t mind dying to achieve. He eventually succumbed and in another 6months wrote the two papers and the following 6 months, I wrote the 4 papers for finals and then I qualified. I made it…

So I was thrown into the labour market armed with a professional certificate. My dream has been to work in a bank. I threw around my CVs and applications. Miraculously my CV was suggested to the MD of one major microfinance bank in the state and I got a call to show up for interview for the post of a Head of Internal Audit. I was like “me, microfinance ke. Olohun maje” My Dad, a man always full of wisdom and encouragement asked me to @ least attend the interview. I did and I passed. I was 2resume as Head of Internal Audit Trainee for 2months and then transit to fully occupy the position. New found position, the pay wasn’t much (my allowance @ home pass am) but as u will know there r many things attached to being called a banker, a head of dept for that matter. Babes, money, connection, and again babes…

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