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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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Bukola and I started dating naturally. It was obvious that she was in love. I tried to bring myself to love her but couldn’t achieve that level. All I was about was how to bleep her and move on to the next vic. Though I enjoyed her company, she makes me laugh, she checks up on me. She was just gud. Due to the nature of our jobs, we were always so busy, sometimes saturdays and sundays inclusive and i haven’t been opportuned to bleep her. We would smooch, kiss, handle but no chance for the real action until this fateful evening.

It was a friday, I could recall. We were supposed to have our AGM the next monday.

I was on a deadline. I still had one final report to file and send to the Board Members via email and the report was half done. I knew it was an all nighter that day. Our Head of IT offered his place for use as he too has some pending reports to file. I called Bukola just to let her know the situation, she offered to come over and stay with me over night. Lemme digress a little. Our Head of IT; popularly known as BJ is a notorious womanizer, known to everyone including the MD, he can Bleep anything as long as its wearing skirts and bra. BJ happens to be one of the 1st people that made friends with me @ the bank. He and I were very close and we share sexcapades together. He knows my mission for Bukola… She came later that night bearing food warmers and cool drinks for BJ and I and we decended on them. She helped us where she could and when she got tired la!d on the couch in BJ’s living room and fell asleep. I finished up my report, sent them, did some stretch exercise. I motioned to BJ to give us privacy and her retired inside his room.

I went back to Bukola, eased her a bit and slept on the couch with her wrapped around me.I was tired but I got to do this. I nibbled her ear, she didn’t move. I traced my lips down her neck. She moved lightly. I stroked her back and gently pushed her on her back, she was becoming awake gradually. I kissed her fully on the lips, my tongue parted her lips, she responded with a m0an. I released her, and proceeded to feel her b0s0m to get her more aroused. I sq££zed her breasts and she grabbed my head towards her, she kissed me hungrily. I didn’t wanna waste too much time, as we weren’t in my comfort zone. I undressed her hurriedly, took her breasts in my mouth. I chewed on her tits and she m0aned and groaned. I inserted a finger in her [email protected] and she drew her breath. It was wet with want. JT respond swiftly.

I entered her with one hard and quick thrust and she gasped. I feared she might scream, brought my hand to cover her mouth and began thrusting. We went slow and fast.

I pinned her arms down above her, her b0s0m bouncing underneath me as I raised myself and thrusted with all the force I could muster, she “arghed, ohhed” ,and called “Lummy, OH God, I love this” “give me more” I covered her mouth with mine just to shut her up and excite her more. Her waist were jerking, she was grabbing the chair cover. I knew she was gonna come any moment. I increased my pace to match, and then she grabbed me as she climaxed “AAAhhhhh” I didn’t pause, JT was still hard and strong, it needed just a bit more time to shoot, and I dug my back into it. I fired on, she was shaking her butt off in ecstacy as I came on her, all energy sapped. ”Lummy, I love the way u make me feel” “I love u” and I could only say “Yes, I know” we cleaned up and slept soundly. Morning came, I dropped her off @ home and I drove off to mine…

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