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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I picked up my fone and on the screen was “Jennifer calling”. I held my breath, I was with mixed feelings. “What is she gonna say?” “How’s she gonna say it?” “Is it the end so soon? Damn we haven’t even started anything.” The phone rang on until it stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to pick it. 1st I was worried she hadn’t contacted, and now she that she’s contacting, I’m scared shitless. The fone began again and it was still her. I shrugged off any fears, and depressed the green button. “Hello,” I said, in anticipation. “Hi” she replied.

“Are you home now?” She asked. “Yes, I’m on my bed” I replied. “Okay, nice to meet you today” she said. “Really? it was nice?” I asked. “Yes, I finally got to meet u” she said softly. My heart was in my mouth. “I hope I’ve not disappointed u in any way?” I asked, anxious to know what she feels, what her opinion and feeling is, about me. ” Disappointed u? In what way? I knew who u were b4 coming. It’s the more reason I wanted to see you” she said. “There’s no reason for u to think I’ll relate to u any differently than before.” I let out a sigh. “Ua a nice person, and I will love to know u more” she concluded. And the band played Kumbaya in my head. I was happy, all my anxiety flew out the window. I let out a wide smile. “Thank you” I told her. “Ua welcome and I’ll like to see u again very soon” she said. My mind screamed “yes” my heart did Bobby Brown’s running man dance and capped it with Wacko Jacko’s moon walker moves. “Okay, when?” I asked trying hard to suppress my emotions. “This saturday, Are you free?”She asked. Who am I not to be free?; that’s my mind talking. “Ofcus, I’m free” I answered, really beaming with happiness. ” I’ll call u 2moro to finalise things” she concluded. “Okay then” I said. “Alright dear, u shd rest and pls eat something and don’t forget ur drugs” she said. “Alright mummy” I replied laughing. She laughed too and she disconnected…

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