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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I stood up, la!d her on the bed, pulled down her skirt, threw it and I didn’t care where it landed. I pulled apart the pant’s front, didn’t want to remove it once. The [email protected] hairs peeped out @ me, fine dark hair la!d on a fair skin. I inserted my forefinger into her [email protected] and found it wet. She drew a breath, released some air. I withdrew the finger with [email protected] juice and inserted two fingers, this time she grabbed her b0s0m and raised her waist to meet my fingers. I withdrew the two and inserted three, and she screamed “Haaaa! Lummy ti pa mi ooooo” (means Lummy has killed me ooooo) “Take me now, pls Bleep me now” and now JT took over…
I pulled off the [email protected], and brought my JT head to the [email protected] entrance. I started teasing the [email protected] lips with it, I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted 2build up a momentum. She gasped, strained her back, held the bed posts, jerked up her waist. She was all sweaty with want and need. She m0aned and begged ” Lummy, pls now, have me now”, “Wait” I said softly. I removed JT and got down on my knees, pulled her waist closer to my face, and inserted my tongue in her [email protected], she screamed ” Lummy now, haaa, pls give it to me. Just give it 2me ” I ignored her tho I can feel her waist whining to my tongue, I sU-Cked and chewed @ the same time. She m0aned and screamed @ the same time. When the screams became louder than Keith Sweat’s Twisted track on the stereo, I obliged her and pushed JT all the way down her [email protected] She gasped, wrapped her hands around my neck and her legs around my waist and I thrust away with reckless abandon.

Every push of mine was met with a m0an, or a cry or a word, “Bleep, pls, Ahhhh, OOhhh, Uhhhh”

We bleeped on for the next 5 mins and then changed positions, she got down from the bed, grabbed the edge of my reading table, poised her butt0ckz towards me and I wasted no time in entering her from behind. I held her waist and plundered hard. It was gbam, wham, kpa, wham Bleep me, ooohhh, give it 2me I drew her to me with my left arm, arm across her tummy, JT banging in her [email protected] from behind, the other arm on her b0s0m @ the front, my mouth biting her neck, she screamed ” Ahhh, o ti paa mi ooo” “Haaa, I love u” ” I want more” I obeyed. I released her, motioned her towards the reading table, I used one hand to scatter the ICAN books on the floor, lifted Mariam on top, spread one leg on the chair, the other leg hanging and I entered her again, she vibrated, the table squeaking with every force of my thrust. In my mind, I was in heaven, in Mariam’s mind, she’s sealing her relationship and giving me the best, in the table’s mind, it’s cursing both us for the unholy hardship we brought upon it.

I pressed on summoning all available strenght in me, raised her legs up on my shoulders.

That allowed me have a more open access to the [email protected], I bleeped her on, the table squeaked @ the legs, I knew instinctively that if I continued, that table is gonna break underneath us, with her legs on my shoulders, I lifted her clean, using her hands as lever, settled her on the bed, and we bleeped on. After a while, in a fit of ecstasy, I came and collapsed in a heap on her breasts.

We la!d there panting, in our sweats, gasping for breath, waiting for the horses in our hearts to stop their gallop

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