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Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient. Life, Relationship & S
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I had revenge on my mind, the bitterness I felt breaking up with Tola fueled my drive to make Dolapo scream. She gats to give feedback na.

I withdrew my JT, took a small round pillow and shifted it underneath Dolapo’s butt0ckz, it raised it a bit then I closed in with my tongue and I can hear the praises come ” Lummy, wow! Dig it, love me, make me come, Ooh I love dis” Dolapo kept twisting and thrusting her waist as my tongue explore. I licked her pink [email protected] wall, slid my tongue over her cl!t which sent electricity right through her. She grabbed the bed posts raised herself up, wrapped her legs up to my back, locking my face in her pubic region. I enjoyed every bit of it but, heck, she was choking me. Is this revenge mission not turning out to be a suicide mission?..

I have to regain the upper hand. I mustn’t choke. I forced myself free from her stranglehold, juicy though and slid up on her.

I shoved JT into her [email protected] and I fired away. With fast and slow rythm, she rolled her waist to match my thrusts. She maoned, sq££zed my head, drew my lips to her b0s0m to sU-Ck. “Lummy, do me pls. Bleep me harder. Ahhh, ua sweet. I love it, don’t stop. ” I bleeped her on for a few more minutes, and changed positions, I la!d back and positioned her across me, her kneeling on the bed with her [email protected] directly above JT. I lowered her waist gingerly on JT’s cap, teased her [email protected] walls with my erect head, she flinched as if electricity coursed through her. Her face was angelic, pleasure reeks all over her. I slowly lowered her hole to cover up JT and it filled her up inside and the ride begun. She rode like a perfect horsewoman, tearing through the woods with her mustang. Her long hair was flying everywhere while her waist swerved here and there to match a pace. She was so sweet. I grabbed her b0s0m and sq££zed them, she m0aned and arrhhed and oohhhed, and uuhhed, her rythm grew faster until I could feel her body shaking on top of me, I knew she’s on her way to heaven and back.

Dolapo came with a scream and collasped on me panting, and gasping for breath and I smiled cheekily; Mission Accomplished…

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