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Diary Of A Stingy S
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” see, i am going there to buy my own stuffs, i dont have money for any nonsense apart from whanever i buy and we can both use.” I told Bunmi since she insisted i took her along.
She agreed.

We were at the ice-cream session when she asked if i could buy her a bowl of vanilla ice cream. It was as if she has requested for my kidney, the way i looked at her would have killed a day old baby within seconds. Just as i was about asking her why i should buy her an ice cream…. She cut in and said ” so i wont even eat out of your money “. My heart melted and realised that i made the money just because her. I was about reminding her about what i went through when she removed the item from the chiller, unknowingly to her the price tag on it flashed at me in an instant…

I have never believed all those cartoon films. You know how their eyes rolls immediately they see what amazes them… I could see my eyes rolling at the outrageous price i saw.

“i cant pay for that, better take a smaller one”
i declared.

” how much you wan give me, i will add to it” she said. I told her my name is not ‘Darhosa’ and all i could afford is 500 naira. She got so angry and told me she is going to pay for it with her money.

” which money, abeg no go use the money wey you go use for your transport ooo” i shouted.

“dont worry i have money, thsame illegal money you have is what i have too….”

I agreed and we keep picking things. I had already started picking things i truly wanted to pick ( i was choosing what i want to pick before. I wasn’t picking what would benefit both of us.) when i started retracting on what she told me.. ‘ same illegal money ‘

I stopped immediately, she had moved a little distance before she realized i wasn’t following her, she turned and returned to me.
“where did you say you got that money?”
i asked and visibly angry.

She laughed and clapped her hands together like she was making jest of me, and then she opened the cancerworm
” idiot, do you know that your friend friend gave me 35,000 naira” ?

“what nonsense are you talking about, where did both of you meet that he could give you such amount”

” He came back the second day and told me he knew they would have collected the money on you. That i should give you 5k. He apologised and…….”
she was about saying something and then she continued.

” …he… He apologised and gave me 30k”
” what! 30k for what? Fo your worries? Are you the one that slept in a cell for two days? Oh i see….. So he Forked you”

She turned after i said this without giving me any response and went straight to the till stand.
I took my phone and dialed the America Num he gave me. His number rang for a while and then entered voicemail.

I was so helpless at that point, i don’t know what to do any further so i followed her down to the till.

I was just on my to the till when i saw my old friend mylestone.

We are actually both looking at each other before he broke the ice by calling my name. I immediately answered and we hugged each other.

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