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Diary Of A Stingy S
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Its been up to 10years now since we’ve seen each other. Who could ever imagine Mylestone and i could get on so well, obviously no one. We were sworn enemies back in the university. We both attended Olabisi onabanjo university together.

Mylestone was actually a year ahead of me then.
Do you know that we actually both fought over a lady, in short i had a friend then who was a cultist, i contacted him to help me beat up Mylestone which they did wonderfully well. They had him beaten blue black. I love that guy, he has a ‘never say die’ kind of spirit. Mylestone revenged in a very powerful manner, apart from the fact that he was a member of the ‘man ‘o’ war , he was also a heavy guy that only his physique is enough to intimidate you, but trust me im never intimidated….
Especially when its a matter that involves women. I know you guys want to hear that full gist of his revenge, dont worry i will tell it all in the next episode. So keep it locked here.

I wasn’t surprised to see Mylestone in a full blown Military khaki. He has become a soldier.
“mylestone, mylestone, guy na waa ooo. No be so ooo ” i said while exchanging pleasantries.

” my guy, no be so oo. No be my fault ooo, na military call i go answer jare”

we were chatting together while moving down the till stand. We got to the till and i realised Bunmi has already paid for her items and was already on her way home, Mtchew! Her problem.
Mylestone offered to pay for my picks and i was so happy to that effect. Just as i finished paying, i moved down to the back towards going to the exit.

He was paying for his own picks when i saw someone coming towards the till where mylestone stood.

“babe, this is the perfume i was talking about. She gave the perfume to him and he paid for it. This is not a mistaken identity, im sure i know her.

I quickly turned away from the view where she could see me.

I was still deciding whether to start going or stay and iron our differences out before i started

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