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Diary Of A Stingy S
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He was paying for his own picks when i saw someone coming towards the till where mylestone stood.

“babe, this is the perfume i was talking about. She gave the perfume to him and he paid for it. This is not a mistaken identity, im sure i know her.
I quickly turned away from the view where she could see me.

I was still deciding whether to start going or stay and iron our differences out before i started hearing a conversion behind me.
” i think i know the guy, is he your friend ?”
” you cant know him, he is my old friend from way back.”

” hmmm, we shall see”

Just then, i felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and guess who i saw.

” Abiodun ” Success called my name.
” babe, you remember the guy i told you beat and Molest me when i visited him before i met you…. This is thr guy”

I couldn’t believe what Success just said.

Mylestone dropped Success hand and charged towards my direction, it was a an action drama as he got nearer……..

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