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Diary Of A Stingy S
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Day into days and week into weeks, we had gone far with the whole thing, and after some while, Lepasharon came visiting. Hmmmn, i hope such day will come again. Our relationship was waxing stronger but we are always fearful of mylestone and all his boys. Just then he fukked up on the field. Im sure washo did not understand my grudge, but he is now aware i want to deal with Mylestone, but how im going o do that is what he stilldoesn’t know.

You know when those bad boys ask you for money and instead of 2k you dash 5k out. You know how you’ll be friend to them and how they’ll never want any hiccups to come near you. I had already started making friends with some of them because u know for sure that whenever Mylestone gets to know i am fukking his girlfriend, he won’t take it lightly with me. Im sure of that.

It was as if i know, Lepasharon and i are now so close and intimate when she offered i visit her at her lodge one day. I jumped into my new jeans and one tshirt i dont wear often.

I got to her lodge, called her to come pick me up outside and she rushed out, she held me at hand and we moved towards her room. While we are on our way to her room, i realised the stern look i was getting from the other occupants….. Had i got a clue why they kept starring, i would have just turned back home. Indeed they haf been looking me that i was trespassing.

We talked about a lot we got so intimate too, just as i was about…….. Mylestone came in. I adjusted my position and he started fussing on me. We had a little struggle together before people around settled the fraca. I left the lodge so ashamed but i had my plans too.

I started calling my guys to come to my rescue, who wouldn’t want to help.

“should we kill him”
Adigun asked.
Adigun is the number 2 man for the aiye confra.

I declined the offer of him getting killed. “pls help me beat him blue black and let him know the beatings came from me. I gave adigun 5k for the boys and promised we wouod be sitting out for one or two drinks if all go as planned.

” Tell him you are sorry”
One guy pushed mylestone on his kneels to beg me. I was surrounded by hefty guys drinking and smoking heavily. I sat on a fence and saw mylestone forcing the word ‘im sorry’ out of his mouth. Different slaps were landing on him and i didnt stop them. He just too arrogant for my liking.

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