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Diary Of A Stingy S
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Mylestone got beated thoroughly, i noticed i didnt see him for a whole week. The very next time i saw mylestone, it was a tug of war that day. We are on the field as usual that saturday, already playing our scheduled ‘set’.

” hold that guy, hold him”
immediately, i saw almost 10 heavy guys dressed in man o’ war attire charging towards me. My heart flew, i wanted to run, yet i couldn’t because i was too weak to. They held me tight, thank God i wasn’t beaten. I was on my way to be carried away when suddenly the police convoy arrived.

They stopped them and asked why i was been whisked away.

“sir, this guy is a cultist”
Mylestone answered.

They turned to me and asked if that was true, but i denied. They then told Mylestone to let gp of me and that both of us will follow them down to their station.

He explained all that transpired to the policemen and that he wants back his own pounds of flesh. I acknowledged all he said except the fact that i used cultists on him. The case got so intense with several allegations and counter allegations plus denials. The police settled to invite Lepasharon to give her testimony and they’ll give their final verdict. They reminded me about the implications if i was confirmed to be a cultist. Well, i got scared because if they realised that truly i arranged cultist to beat him…. There is no way out for me…. I will also be declared cultist.

Lepasharon came and i saw both of us who are fukking her on an hot seat. Chai! Women sha.
She was immediately walked away from us. They came back after like 20 minutes. When they came my mind was beating so hard that i couldn’t curtail it if it won’t really jump out of my mouth.

They turned to me and said i should try and calm down always, i should make sure i dont engage in some acts that won’t tarnish my image. Meanwhile all the while they are saying this i was so afraid.

Indeed, women are devils. Lepasharon told the police she was the reason for our fight, cleared me of the cultism allegation and said his boyfriend was only too jealous.

We were both released but mylestone was still very angry and not happy. That was the last day i saw Mylestone before the mall incident.

Lepasharon slept at my place that day and yes you know what happened.

Fast forwarded…..

Mylestone charged towards me after Success told him i raped her. I was expecting a slap on my face when he touched my shoulder and told me to follow him, so that we can iron it out outside. We had barely reached the gate of ikeja city mall when i saw an army hilux van parked outside. Two other soldier are inside as i jejely moved nearer. I got kicked in and they drove off.
Success who was laughing at me thought the whole thing was her doing, but i knew my past had just hunted me down.

We got to ikeja cantonment and i was driven to where they called ‘provost’. I got down and mylestone went in with one of the other guys. One stood with me. They came back and brought ou
t whips with them.

” lie down flat ”
mylestone ordered me. I reluctantly lay and was already crying… Chai! Big boy like me.

” swassshhh”
the first whip landed my back. I felt a quick surge all over my body
” swassshhh” the first whip landed my back. I felt a quick surge all over my body as if i just got electrocuted. I was expecting the next when i heard the streechh of a vehicle.
“shun sir” echoed as a mid-aged walked in. “who is this” the man asked.

“sir we caught him stealing”

” ha! I see, let him go”

” sir ”
” I said let him go “.

Before they said jack i had picked my items and was on my way out……

Next update….

I knew i shouldn’t sleep at home that day. Mylestone could come visiting to just finish me up. I got home, but what i saw la!d for me at home was more than the death from mylestone…..

It was as if i just jumped from frypan to fire. I smelt hell.

Drabeey wrote this….

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