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Diary Of A Stingy S
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Bisi was immediately rushed into an emergency theatre. She was now totally unconscious. I dived in with them but i was restricted from entry the theatre room. As i was denied my entry, my hand slowly slipped towards her body as she was been pushed on the stretcher, my hands moved slowly towards her feet and i could realise her feet was cold.

After 30minutes, a nurse came out of theatre and asked me about my relationship with the patient. I was reluctant to answer but i gave an answer at last. ” she is my fiance ”
” oh, but how can we get her parents?
She inquired further.

” okay, just tell me what is going on here abeg”

she then started her explanations. The truth is that Bisi is pregnant and was bleeding from inside, and they needed to carry out an operation on her or else, she dies.

I cant call her parents and be saying all these nonsense. I went home after i had paid some money.

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