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Diary Of A Stingy S
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I realised that if i kill myself the truth of the whole issue might not come out fully. I want Bunmi to get punished too. She caused my predicament.
I went to my Facebook and dropped the message….

” I have tasted it all, good and bad. Now, i have given myself the very poison i made. Ask about my death and Bisi’s from Bunmi, NOW MY WATCH IS OVER”

I searched for a rope in the compound and ‘unfortunately’ i found one.

I had gone through all the formalities of committing suicide, the stool, rope to the fan hanger and i climbed the stool. Immediately as i was about kicking the stool, i remember how devastated my mum will be…. Chai! She is just going to die too. Im the only son she has!
‘ but if i stay, i am still going to be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.’ another thought beckoned on me.

I kicked the stool and felt a load on my head….. Just then everything went black.

I woke up and started seeing faintly…. Nothing was clear.

I woke up and met myself on the bed. I had a slight headache and felt some load on my neck…. I wanted to move my hand so as just to feel the load on my neck and then i felt i couldn’t move it. My hands has been cuffed. I moved my body to ascertain what could have happened and where i was. Behold, i am in a hospital and a policeman was there with myself.

” bros Abeg wetin i dey do for here”
i asked the policeman who was busy watching complete sports.

“mr Abiodun, you are under arrest for the death of one miss Adeyanju Adebisi, someone you are suspected to have beaten to death. You are advised to keep quiet and that anything you say or do might be used against you in the court of Law”
The policeman recited his epistle. I couldn’t even think straight and couldn’t close my mouth,,,but then i managed to ask a question from the policeman.

“sir, please how do i got here, i thought i had killed myself… How come im alive again”
i asked. The man gave me a stern look and then continued reading his newspaper.

” see, na God wey wan suffer you, na hin make the police enter before you die throw away ”
The man finally spoke.

I was discharged that same day from the hospital. I was whisked away and i was locked up inside a cell for 5 days.

My parents came to check on me, they had already started trying get a good lawyer, Bisi parents are not wanting to let go. They wanted me to get dealt with. I was also told, they couldnt find Bunmi with the info i gave them. Well, im sure i dont know her house. I met her on the street, someone i dont even know her surname.
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“This is my judgement……..”

And everywhere went dark.

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