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DIRTY DIANA - Season 1 - Episode 2
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the tension from them made me do the extra damage to myself

“She has peed on herself look”
Amanda said pointing at my pinafore

As the rest of the class joined in laughing me, I mustered courage and ran out of the class, with the trickles of my urine leaving a trail behind as I ran out of the class, I hid at the back of the shop were we buy snaacks during lunch hour, hating on myself for making such mistake and wishing I could turn back the hands of time, next I noticed was a shadow lurking at my back, I turned to see Amanda standing with her gang of bullies, they called themselves ‘Charlies Angel’, Amanda being the head of calous gang made them do anything she wanted because she was tagged the prettiest chic in class, Amanda walked to where I was sitting bent down as she was too close for comfort

“You imp! You think you and I would be sharing the same boy right? Am glad he gave you that big blow right in front of the class so that you know that nobody messes with my man”
she winked and smiled devilishly

She shoved my head as I tried to stand up in protest but was pressed back to my sitting position by one of her gang members, I flashed an angry look to realise it was Stella her huncho, a tomboy who beats some of our class guys, I was infuriated by the oppression, I spat on Stella’s face, as she wipe it with off her face with her left hand, used her right hand to grab me by the throat and almost choked me to death while Amanda slapped me, in split minutes I was on the floor while Amanda and her Charlies Angels began to stump me, If not for our Maths teacher who showed up to urinate and saw what was going it as the girls took to their heels when they saw him.

We finished our Junior WAEC exams and went for the almost four months holiday and that was when puberty set in, it was like my jail free card, mother nature decided to compensate me for all my travails in the hand of my classmates, my hips grew bigger and my thighs very full, my boobs popped out of my bra as my flat tummy made my outstand body shape very obvious and seductive, I knew I was going through a transformation but I didn’t notice it all happened that fast!.

I was preparing to go back to school since the holiday would be over in two days time, I went to the market to buy my toiletries and provision, struggling and squeezing myself through the crowd and giggling at store owners who flatter me with words as my gown waved and my hips shaked like a belly dancer let on loose,

“Fine girl! See hips na! Oh girl you too fine”
they said as I walked past their shop.

Out of the shop came out Kester, carrying a huge carton on his head as our eyes met, I ignored him and continued moving, he dropped his carton on the floor of the dirty market and ran after me screaming my name loud so that I could hear because the ever busy tejuosho market is famous for its noise which ever powered could generate electricity to the whole of lagos, I turned and stopped when I heard my name, I knew it was Kester but what made me surprise was the way he struggled through the crowd to get to where I was standing, smiling as if he just won a lottery he stretched his hand for a handshake but I couldn’t shake him because my hands were dirty, then did I notice that Kester was fidgeting, he smiled as he put his hand back into his pocket, couldn’t raise his face up as he spoke in a low tone

“Diana your very pretty oh! I can’t believe its you I turned down almost six months ago, you look so pretty when your not in uniforms”
he said

I was surprised that those words could come out of Kesters mouth, I was dumbfounded as I couldn’t say a word, Kester quickly added “Am sorry” as he turned and left.
I never knew Kester read another meaning to what transpired that day as he felt I refused shaking him and that when he decided to come down from his high horse to offer a hand of friendship that I turned him down without saying a word, little did I know that the gossip was on everybody’s lips when we resumed school.

On the first day of class, I wore my short skirt on my white shirt with my hair neatly done, the class was rowdy while I was outside but I noticed the instant silence the moment I walked in the class, the boys where speechless as someone blew a whistle sound with his mouth, I walked straight to my sit and sat down quietly, I turned to search for Kester but noticed his head was buried in his locker as he tried to avoid our eyes coming in contact

“Hey you! I can see you have upgraded, am willing to give you a spot in my crew”

That was Amanda, I was jolted to my sit as she offered me a spot in her once famous crew, it was every girls dream in my class to be in the crew, I looked at her smiling as I said

“Go to hell”

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