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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 1
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It was a bright and clear monday morning making the room look whiter as snow as the sun peered continually in the four-squared glassy window made of thick bronze,air conditioners blowing profusely all through the night non-stop as Francis rolled over to the edge of the bed with his eyes closed,thinking Lilian,his wife was still asleep beside him as he caressed the bed gently he was on but wasnt there.The thought of the s-x they had lastnight made him feel much better becos he just returned from Mexico for a business trip yesterday and had missed his wife so dearly which made him lay with her,opened his eyes,yawned loudly before puttin a call to Jonathan,one of his friends from his android phone till he descended from the bed,stretched himself and did alittle press-up before enterin the large bathroom situated in the room n was made of gold to have a warm bath after all d stress he went through lastnight in pleasin Lilian,whom he knew should niether be in d kitchen with d cheves or with nanny Dee.


He wasnt in a hurry neither was he in a haste as he sat on the shinning-gold bathtub,washed himself gently,brushed his teeth before dashing out half-naked in a clean blue towel tied round his waist except his fresh broad chest and muscles showin forth as he cleaned up and dressed in an expensive red suit made in Dubai,polished-black shoes,silver wristwatch on his right and a black tie on his neck to match as he adjusts it by standin in front of the designed wall mirror,straightened the black t-shirt before wearin his red jacket makin him look exactly like a 35year old bachelor but was married to his lovely wife,Lilian with no children for so many years but hoped someday,God would look his way.He smiled becos as old as he was in his early thirties,both single and married women still trip for him and was never ceasing but didnt care less becos the only woman in his life was Lilian,he thought and smiled before leaving the room,thinkin probably she would be at the dining table,waitin keenly for him.


Fate’s machinery got into motion elsewhere that same monday morning,Rose,in the comfort of her small,unpainted and old-fashioned home in a low class of suburb of Ikeja,Lagos.She woke up as early as possible even before anyone else in the house because she knew customers would be waiting for her at the Asabe market where she sells fresh fruits and vegetables in order to make both ends meet since Thomas,her jobless husband wasnt helping at all and Mrs.Becky,her mother-in-law who steals and spends her money on alcohol and bet as she rushed downstairs to do her housework since there were no children to help around for she was barren for years and was living at the mercy of Thomas who brutally beats her mercilessly for no important reason since she was an orphan and was illegally married to him.she found nothing in the faded fridge nd sighed in sadness as she found only a thousand naira note in her brown purse n went out 2 buy bread n beancakes for d family unless she would be a punching bag that mornin.

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