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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Rose couldnt move becos she was already weak and tired since he forcefully had 2rounds with her lastnight as she stared at him in pain and sorrow,bitin her lips and cryin as she watched him(Thomas) pack his luggage becos he said he was tired of her and want to move on with his life as a single and said becos she was too old-fashioned and borin for him as he packed his shoes, bags,clothes and some other things that belonged to him remainin some unwashed clothes.he promised never to return to the house again and abused her bitterly before leavin with his mother supportin him as she helped him out with his luggage and left.Thomas didnt tell Rose about his new-found job becos he didnt want her meddlin in his business as he sat on the couch in the sittin room of the Macaulay’s masion and await his bosses though he had his own plans for the family which will affect Lilian,most especially apart from he and Oscar’s plan which was for him to keep a close eye on Rose,his wife


Lilian came downstairs with Francis whom was already dressed up in an expensive blue suit and was prepared to go to work “good morning,sire!good morning ma’am”Thomas gesticulated as both men shook hands,smilin and was about shaking Lilian who grimaced at him before proceedin to introduce Francis as her husband and Thomas as her new driver,they discussed at length till they finally agreed to pay him 60k per month plus 20k for weekly allowance which made Thomas thanked them continously though Francis was nice enough but his wife was indifferent.

Lilian introduced him to every staff in the house before having his breakfast and drove Lilian out of the huge compound in her white camry car but he never stopped starin at her through the rearview mirror and was lickin his lips profusely,he didnt know why he was like this becos its was the first time in his life he will get attracted to a woman like this though Rose was beautiful and natural to the extreme but was never attracted to her


Francis went for seminars and conference meetings before having a break with his friends as they discussed about Rose,he described her to his friends as they hoped on seeing her though Helen was tryin to distract them as she kept on enterin Francis’ office and goin out without doin anythin reasonable though she had been overheardin some of their conversations but didnt seems to understand becos they were usin coded language.Rose went to work late due to the weariness in her as she explained everythin to Betty who felt pity for her and made her breakfast before she left for work but was havin a sad day becos no customer hasnt buy anythin from her since mornin as she became worried and depressed,worried becos she hasnt made any sale and depressed becos Thomas,her husband as left her though she missed him alot and couldnt stop nursin Francis’ love becos she felt he still loves her after all these years as she wiped her tears with a white handkerchief and blew her nose continously in sorrow.

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