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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 12
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(Two months later)

Francis and Rose got used to each other though he never stopped askin her out but she always refuse.Lilian and Thomas (wasnt and was) gettin used to each other due to the fact that she was arrogant,proud and stubborn and didnt take any bullshit from Thomas as she would insult him,order him around anyhow but he wont say anythin and would always smile wickedly becos he knows what he was doin,he never stopped drivin her around likewise did he stopped starin at her seductively as he never stopped doin everythin possible to get her attention which he did at times as she would stared at him too from behind,wear exposive dresses that always reveal her cleavage or her thigh most especially whenever Francis wasnt around and would flirt indirectly with him not becos she was in love with him but becos Francis rarely had her time and often comes home and even if he comes home,he comes home late and never stopped travellin here and there which made Lilian do as she pleases.


It was now thursday in the month of august in the year 2017,Francis as usual lied to Lilian that he would be travellin tommorrow which was friday on a business trip to Port Harcourt meanwhile he was goin to Surulere where one of his masion in Lagos was situated at and the place he and Rose usually meet at times whenever they wanted their privacy and she(Lilian) believed him.Rose on the other hand was plannin on visitin Francis on sunday as usual and told Betty.Lilian felt sad becos she would miss him so much as they decided to have s-x that mornin before they both went to their different companies as she couldnt get her mind off him and told her friends who advised her to cheer up and brush up her ‘sorry self’ as they planned on takin her out on saturday night to the club which she refused at first becos its was her first time of goin eversince she was married but later accepted after much persuasion and told Thomas about it who promised to drive her there as he(Thomas) began makin plans for it.


Francis had left the house and was in Surulere since Friday as he and his friends had planned for him to compulsory have s-x with Rose on sunday though they’ve placed a bet and made an exchange as he couldnt wait for sunday to come on time.Rose couldnt wait to see Francis again as she lied to her mother-in-law that she would be visitin one of her customers.Thomas began makin plans of how the clubbin would take place since Francis wasnt around and knew what was goin on between him and Rose but kept it a secret between him and Oscar,whom has been doin a good job of takin their pictures and have been seein it whenever he went out alone but kept pretendin and decided to do the same by flirtin with Lilian,his wife,whom he was totally in love with and was completely jealous of him(Francis) for being rich and havin a beautiful wife unlike Rose whom he believed to be outdated,he thought and laughed wickedly for he was just startin

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