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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 13
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It was now saturday,Lilian went to work as usual but came home early to prepare for the club tonight n had told Nanny Dee the truth which were lies as the night came though had already called Francis to ask about his welfare as she dresses up in a yellow body-hug gown,exposin her cleavage and revealin her thigh as she combed and packed her hair in a ponytail before wearin her black high-heel shoes and her black-silver jewelry which made her looked super hot and super sexy.Thomas on the other hand,waited for her at her black toyota car,checkin the time profusely becos it was now 9:30pm till she came outside n met him standin as they both stared at each other from head-to-toe,attracted like magnet as Thomas licked his lips as he stared at her cleavage which she noticed n made her irritated as she insulted him for that,hissed n entered the car in anger,frownin though she felt his eyes on her n liked it alot becos she loves being the cynosure of all eyes wherever she was n winked at him indirectly.


Thomas and Lilian entered the clubhouse as they saw and greeted her friends,she was feelin shy and sad becos she hardly attend night parties as she stared at guys and ladies drinkin,dancin,talkin and worse of all smoochin which didnt interest her at all though she felt Thomas starin profusely at her,makin her feel uncomfortable as she sat at the bar counter with Thomas whom was tryin to offer her a drink and refused at first but later accepted after much temptation as she ordered three whiskey which she drank without givin Thomas whom was tryin to stop her becos she was almost gettin drunk but refused to answer him as she ordered for more strong and expensive alcoholic drinks which Thomas(himself) couldnt afford as she drank it all and cursin Francis at intervals for travellin again as she scattered her hair,removed her shoes and went to the dancefloor to dance becos the club was gettin hotter,even Thomas couldnt stop her becos she was totally drunk and was now dancin wildly


Thomas kept a eye on her as some guys were tryin to act funny with her but was there to help by pushin them away or lyin to them that she was ‘his sister’,even her friends tried stoppin her but Lilian was out of control becos she was so drunk as she danced till 11:30pm which made Thomas dragged her gently out of the club,took her inside the car nd drove away carelessly though he was half-drunk too but tried drivin home without informin her friends becos he had intentionally switched off her phone till he got to the huge masion by 11:50pm,carried her in his arms,entered inside n led her quietly to her matrimonial bed with she had been sharin with Francis till date,so as not to disturb everyone in the mansion becos the light was switched off remainin the lamps still on which gave him direction to her room since its was his first time as he led her slowly up d narrow stairs,his hand circlin her waist n tips of his finger feelin d soft swellin of her b-----s becos she was leanin more heavily against him.

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