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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Thomas took Lilian to her room,locked d door,becos she did not move or open her eyes and was just mumblin ‘Francis’ name which made Thomas jealous and frowned as his fingers felt the soft curves of her body,lookin at her as he enveloped in a sense of physical elation,makin her face touchin his as he dropped her slightly on the bed,seizin the opportunity to switch on the lamps as he eased his hand,the fingers spread wide,up the center of her back and her face came toward him and her lips touched his,like somethin he had expected as he tightened his fingers on her b-----s,kissin her again,feelin her move as her face buried in his shoulder and her arms tightened about him,thinkin it was Francis becos he kept whisperin soft words to her right ear which was arousin her for s-x as they both continuin kissin while she kept on whisperin Francis’ name which made Thomas furious as he tore her gown mercilessly and began kissin her wildly which made her m0aned becos she was enjoyin it with eyes closed.


Thomas couldnt stop himself and Lilian couldnt withdraw as she kept urgin him to continue when Thomas was tryin to withdraw which made him had 3rounds with her that night till the next day which was sunday.Lilian woke up,feelin very tired and weak as she yawned loudly,stretched herself on the bed and was about sittin up when she realised that her gown and undies was on the blue rug as she checked herself again and realised that she was naked with who?she thought as she looked at her right and met Thomas half-naked becos he was covered with a brown blanket and was snorin which made her furious as she saw that his clothes too was on the floor and tapped him in anger “what the hell are you doin here?!who asked you to come here?!!”she asked the yawnin Thomas who stared at her in suprise “er…we….uh…..” “you raped me,how dare you?!!who gave you the audacity to enter this room!!!”she asked frownin as she gave Thomas 3soundin hot slaps before orderin him out as she threw his clothes at him in anger.


Lilian couldnt bring herself to order as the thought of the s-x they had last night,kept reoccurin in her head as she shook her head in pain becos Francis mustnt find out,she hated herself at that moment and hated Thomas the more as she couldnt face him for now.
she didnt eat nor drink as she sat in her room all day,thinkin of what to do with Thomas becos she doesnt wanna see him again and wished him dead as she began plannin on what to do.Thomas on the otherhand was havin a good day as he narrated everythin to Oscar who in return,told him what was goin on currently between Francis,Lilian’s husband and Rose,his wife which made Thomas very happy becos his plans were goin accordinly as he merried with his friends,footed every bill of each person in the bar,sprayed money on those girls stripper who came to meet him,ate alot of dishes and drank alot of alcoholic drinks.
he knew Rose wouldnt keep herself after his departure and was even his boss’ ex- for that matter,he thought and chuckled.

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