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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Its was now sunday,Francis waited for Rose as he cleaned the room becos he had promised his friends to have her tonight as he sprayed everywhere,arranged the bed and waited downstairs for her.Rose couldnt wait to see Francis as she went to work that sunday and had told Betty who advised her but wanted her to follow her to Francis’ mansion but she refuses,givin her flimsy excuses.Its was now night as Rose wore a faded blue top and a sown brown long skirt,reachin her ankle as she dresses neatly,ate her supper before informin Betty again before leavin,promisin to be back by 11pm as she locks the door silently becos her mother-in-law had sleptover at a friend’s house,boarded a cab which drove her to Surulere directly,alighted from the cab before knockin at the large red gate,entered inside and was led by the gateman to the main house itself as she sat down on the blue sofa and await for Francis who knew she was around through the surveillance camera as he smiled,sweetly.


Francis came downstairs,smilin as they exchanged pleasantries and hugged each other which made him hugged her tight and peck her left ear which made her breathless for awhile before breakin loose though she enjoyed it but pretended becos its been long a male hugged her that tight,not Thomas or anyone as he led her to the dinin table to eat which they did as they began discussin about alot of things which made Rose’s heart beat as Francis began tellin her romantic words which made her blushed and smiled as she packed the plates to wash which made Francis’ stared at her seductively and followed her to the large kitchen but didnt know becos she was carried away by her washin till he hugged her from behind,kissed the nape of her neck which made her m0aned silently as she turned around “i’m sorry for that” “you dont need to be sorry,damsel”he smiled as he made to leave when he turned around and stared at her again,lustfully and licked his pinky lips at intervals.


Francis intentionally did that to know her weakpoint which he already knew as he began professin his love for her and even proposed to her but declined which made her decided to leave becos its was now 10:30pm which made Francis seized the moment by pretendin to have a sudden stomachpain and a serious headache which made Rose rushed to his bedroom and was about takin care of him when he held her hands,stared deeply at her which made her looked away and was about standin up to leave when he whispered ‘i love you,Rose’ which made her blushed and smiled becos its been long Thomas said that to her as Francis kissed the nape of her neck again which made her m0aned loudly as he continued kissin her there till he moved to her cleavage which made her m0aned louder as her purse fell and held Francis’ shoulder whom was cuddlin-kissin her as she m0aned more louder,makin them both fall on the bed as they both began kissin wildly to the extent that they began strippin off their clothes and m0anin loudly.

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