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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Francis stared at Rose in anger and was frownin “oh…so you actually fell for that,right?”he scoffed mockinly at her “dont be foolish,Rose!,all of that were just lust and infactuation and for your information,i’m a legally married man in case you dont know”he replied,showin her the golden-ring on his middle finger “so you’re nothin,Rose!…real nothin!!”he replied,brought out a large sum of money from his pocket and counted it in her presence “here is 500k for your sexvice which i so much enjoy and would love to have more of it”he replied,laughin and winkin at her “come on,take it Rose!you sure have never received this kind of money before not to talk of your family”he mocked while she refused to accept it as she began weepin quietly in his presence which made him threw the money at her cleavage,eyed and hissed “i hate you Francis!!!…hate you so much!!!”she shouted and left his presence,cryin before castin one last look at him in anger,shooked her head and left in sorrow and shame


Francis and his friends couldnt stop laughin at Rose and insultin her from behind till she left “oh man!!i love that drama!!”Jonathan exclaimed “yeah,me too,wow!that b---h is really so tight”Desmond replied,smilin “thats why i love her so much becos back then in high school,she doesnt allow me touch her not to talk of kissin,thats was why i took the advantage now,guys”Francis replied,smilin “but hope you guys used contraceptives?”Jonathan queried “no,we didnt”Francis replied “WHAAT?!!!”Jonathan and Desmond exclaimed in unison,coverin their mouth “but what if she ended up gettin pregnant for you,Francis?”Desmond asked fearfully “yeah,what of Lilian?!!”Jonathan asked,frownin “come on,guys!she’s a married woman for chrissakes! and cant get pregnant for me and even if she does,she’ll surely abort it,i know Rose too well”Francis replied,assurin them “and as for Lilian,she’s fine”he chirped in which make them relieved as they spent alot time together gistin,eatin,etc. without goin to d office that monday


Rose got to her street and went straight to Betty’s house becos she knew her Mother-in-law would be at home by now and doesnt want her seein her untidy like this as she met Betty outside whom was washin clothes “oh!Rose,where’ve you been all this while?i even asked some of our neighbours but told me they’ve not seen you since mornin,what happened?why’re you like this?”she replied,helpin her sit on the bench with her as she avoid Betty’s gaze “come on,tell me Rose,whats wrong?”she queried,quietly which made her swallowed hard “Francis is married!”she replied,cryin “oh my God!i thought…thought….wait a minute?dont tell me you’re just comin from his house!”she asked “yes,i’m just returnin from his house and we..we…we had s-x lastnight,Betty!!”Rose replied and began weepin as Betty began pettin her but was suprised too as she decided to ask how it happened in the evenin which she did and disliked Francis instantly for betrayin and disgracin,her bestfriend and neighbour,Rose.


Lilian didnt allow Thomas drive her that monday becos she was still annoyed with him for sleepin with her and was suprised he didnt apologised at all and was even pretendin as if all was well with them which means he intentionally did it as she couldnt concentrate on her work and was confused too as she confided in Victoria,one of her friends who advised she should sacked him which she refused at first but later accepted n promised to do that whenever she was ready becos she had other plans n wouldnt sack him only but also will send him to jail.Thomas was just actin nice to everyone,makin them think he was a gentle guy but had his own plans too.

Rose became confused becos she didnt know what to do and was afraid of gettin pregnant for Francis becos she knew they did it unprotected and the thought of abortion came to her mind if ever it comes becos she couldnt afford to be pregnant for Francis of all people,whom she now despises and knew her life was at stake here if ever Thomas found out

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