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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Francis came home the next day which was tuesday as Lilian prepared his favorite dish becos she missed him so much as they disccussed about alot of things,even Nanny Dee was with them too becos she missed him also though Lilian kept the act she committed with Thomas so as Francis who did the same and pretended as if all was well.Thomas felt bad and angry for Francis’ arrival and wished he never returned at all becos he was plannin on havin another round forcefully with Lilian but had spoiled it as he envied and hated him for many reason,for being wealthy,for havin Lilian as a wife and for courtin his wife even though he didnt care for Rose but felt the surge of jealousy in him as he hate it whenever he sees him and Lilian makin out at the beautiful garden and wished he was the one though Lilian on her own knew Thomas had feelins for her through his actions and words but took it for granted becos she never felt a ting for him and hated him for takin advantage of her as his boss


Rose didnt tell her mother-in-law anythin and pretended as if all was well which made her stayed away from men whom were tryin to court her again but turned them down as she concentrated on her work without any distraction except for her Mother-in-law whom was still givin her little problems with her continual drinkin and sendin her on unnecessary errands though Betty and her 5year-old son,Benjamin(Bem) were makin life easy for her a bit by showerin her with all their love and care …………….(4WEEKS LATER IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST,2017)

Its was monday mornin,Rose woke up,feeli nauseous and tired for no reason as she ran outside to vomit,washed her face and was about enterin inside when she went back again to vomit all the food she ate lastnight with her mother-in-law whom was still in bed as she managed doin the housechores and cooked their breakfast but went to vomit it again which made her dizzy and sleepy as she went to sleep on the faded and torn chair.


Lilian felt the same way too and decided not to go to work that day and had to tell Francis that its was just malaria becos her temprature was very hot and was vomittin and spittin repeatedly for she didnt wanna believe she was pregnant for Thomas of all people though Nanny Dee and other staffer in the house were assumin she was pregnant for Francis.Francis decided to stay away from women except his wife due to the incidence with Rose whom he had not seen or hear from her since then and wasnt sure if she was dead or alive but didnt care anyway becos everythin was goin well for him except for Helen whom hasnt stopped beggin him for his love and have been refusin becos he loves his wife which always makes Helen jealous and angry becos she too wanted Francis for herself even though she and Lilian were best of friends till now which gave her the opportunity to be flirtin with Francis,her husband,in the office without her knowledge.

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