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Exchanged Passion - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Mrs. Becky came downstairs,dressed and was ready to go to work when she saw Rose sleepin like a kid on the chair which got her angry becos she knew Rose to be an early-riser and cant be sleepin by this time of the day as she checked the wall-clocked which was now 11:30am as she grasp for air “Rose!!”she tapped laps her roughly which made her woke up and yawned loudly “and what the hell are you still sleepin for by this time?!!!”she shouted as Rose sat up gently “oh,mother!!i’m so tired and weak”Rose explained calmly,rubbin her eyes becos of her dizzness “what do you mean,you’re tired and weak?,when its not that i gave you alot of work to do yesterday or are you sick,Rose?”she asked as she touched her forehead which was very hot,starin at her pale face and dried lips which made her had compassion for her for the first time as Rose stared at her in suprise becos she has never cared for nor pity her and would always support her son whenever he beats her mercilessly which made her ran out to vomit.


Lilian was been takin care of by Nanny Dee whom took good care of her by packin her vomit,bringin her food,bathin for her,etc becos she was very weak and tired and has been sleepin,eatin,vomittin and spittin all day non-stop,she couldnt even carry herself as she stayed in her room throughout though Nanny Dee suggested if she could invite their family doctor,Dr. Eugene but she declined,assumin its was malaria or yellow fever,even her friends came to visit becos she didnt come to the office.Rose kept on vomittin and spittin non-stop too which made her mother-in-law scared,thinkin the negative.she didnt go to her shop today and stayed at home all day,sleepin and eatin with the help of Betty who took care of her though was assumin also that she was pregnant which she rejected immediately becos she didnt wanna have anythin to do with Francis again after the incidence that happened and even if she was pregnant she promised to abort it which Betty disagreed and advised her not to think of any abortion.


Its continued like that from that day on to the extent that its was written all over Rose that she was pregnant even though her stomach hasnt come out yet but she didnt believed it and would reject it whenever her neighbours or customers talked about her pregnancy which was bringin shame and disgrace becos some of her neighbours never stopped gossipin about or mockin her to the extent that its became a rumour in her street that ‘she was carryin a b-----d’ ‘her husband has left her’ ‘she has been cheatin on her husband before and after his departure’ but Rose would sometimes cry,worry or depressed over it which made either her mother-in-law or Betty stood up for her.Lilian clothes couldnt size her again becos her b----t was growin bigger while she was growin fatter,she couldnt maked-up or wear her high heels like before and hardly go to work though she declined on visitin their family doctor when Francis suggested it becos he was scared of losin his wife till he persuade her to visit him.

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